Haircut "Italian" male

Correctly selected hairstyle - an integral element of both female and male image. Therefore, even in the most expensive costume, a man will never look stylish if his hair is laid out carelessly, or even disheveled. With the help of a successful haircut, you can always highlight the dignity of the person, while hiding its small flaws. One of the options for such hairstyles is a haircut "Italian".

What is a male "Italian"?

This haircut, in fact, is universal, because it suits both men and women. But in her female performance there are special features, as the length of the hairstyle can be different. Men's haircut "Italian" combines modernity and originality. It can be as short, with hair trimmed under the machine on the temporal part of the head, and with longer strands reaching 3-5 cm in the temporal region, which are sheared under the comb. In addition, she is unpretentious in the care and easily enough to fit.

How is the Italian haircut performed for men?

This type of haircut is always made on damp hair, since they need to be well stretched. First, the parietal area is cut: by making a frontal parietal parting, we separate the main strand (10 mm in thickness). Well comb it out and, clutching between the fingers and pulling it well, we cut it to the desired level. For example, we cut the entire region of the crown with the hair, making length control along the main stitch. It should be noted that the length of the hair will gradually increase as you approach the frontal part.

The temporo-lateral zones are cut in the same way with a "strand per strand", but each strand must be combed to the control strand of the front-parietal zone (which needs to be pulled 90 degrees relative to the head) and cut at the same level with it. The occipital regions are also treated. Thus, in these zones, the hair length will be shorter.

Haircut "Italian" is almost ready. It remains to comb the hair with a comb with sparse teeth and check the quality of work. If there are any shortcomings, they can be corrected with scissors. If the hair of a man is very thick, then you need a thinning for thinning to give your hair a smooth look. And on rare hair it is better to make a radical milling to give them volume.

To whom does the haircut "Italian" fit?

For men who want to make certain changes to their image, it is necessary to stop the choice on this hairstyle: a meekly trimmed temporal parietal zone and elongated strands in the area from the crown to the bang. Having made a slight thinning of the strands, the haircut will get a careless shape, giving the man a uniqueness.

When performing hair cutting on soft or unruly hair, you should immediately take into account that you have to do the styling every day with fixing means and a hair dryer. Ideally, it looks like a haircut "Italian" on hard hair - here the means for styling will be required very rarely.

Elongated strands can be combed up or on any side, which will allow a man to change his image every day. But keep in mind, chubby guys such a hair style will not work, as it provides a voluminous crown, which will round the face even more.

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