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There is no payment for "Aliexpress": possible reasons and ways to solve the problem

Perhaps, among Internet users there are very few people who have never heard of the Aliexpress website. A huge selection of goods at the best prices attracts attention, in connection with which I want to buy products again and again. But what if there is no payment for some reason? On "Aliexpress" the information can be searched for a long time, but why, if everything you need is collected in this article !?

How does the payment procedure work?

The standard operation for depositing funds for the issued goods is as follows:

  • After selecting one or more items, you must go to the shopping cart.
  • Next, you need to fill in the Latin alphabet with your personal data and information on the place of delivery, as well as choose a payment method: it can be a bank card (it should be borne in mind that Sberbank cards are not always accepted for Internet purchases), Yandex.Money, Kiwi ", WebMoney or any other available option that seems most optimal.
  • Click on the button "Pay".
  • Get a special secret code on your mobile phone number, enter it and so confirm your agreement with the payment procedure.

After that, the goods should go into the category of active orders - this is a hint about how to find out if the payment has passed to "Aliexpress." If this happens, the client will be able to track the movement of the package. However, it often happens that the user does everything right, but they face problems - the payment system "does not see". So why does not the payment for "Aliexpress" pass? It is necessary to understand.

Why did not the payment for "Aliexpress" pass: simple reasons

If everything was done correctly, but a one-time password for the phone to confirm the operation did not come, do not panic. To begin with, it is necessary to determine whether the money was debited from a bank or electronic account: this will be helped by visiting a private office. If the funds were withdrawn, most likely, the order went to processing - this in the near future will let know the seller and the tracking system.

If the status of the personal account has not changed, it means that the payment has not passed. In this case, it is not recommended to repeat it again. It is better to postpone the procedure for a certain period of time, after which it will be possible to try to make a purchase again.

The absence of the secret code sent, as well as the unsuccessful payment attempt, are usually associated with site overload and the appearance of some instabilities in its system.

If the product does not appear in the Orders tab, or its re-registration fails, other factors may be the reasons for this, for example, customer personal errors, site malfunctions, or some unusual situations.

Inattention of the buyer

If the payment does not pass, the "AliExpress", its administration and sellers do not always need to immediately discard the blame - this can happen because of an oversight by the buyer.

  • So, a one-time password may not come because of a lack of funds on the mobile phone account, in connection with which the operation simply can not be brought to its logical conclusion. Payment does not pass, the goods, as a consequence, are not sent.
  • The payment act can be rejected by the bank. Perhaps, the fault is the expired validity of the card or an incorrectly filled form when processing the products. If there is no reason to doubt the correct input of data, it means that it is the serving bank that inserts the "stick into the wheels". To solve the problem, you should contact one of the branch offices.
  • The bank can prohibit the operation, which is typical for Maestro and Visa electron type cards. This is due to the fact that banking conditions try to provide their clients with maximum protection and block the conduct of an online shopping, which is not legally connected with the territory of Russia. Perhaps a particular card can be activated for foreign purchases, but for this it is necessary to go to the bank and specify the details.
  • Exceeding the limit of funds available for spending, the total amount of which is also set by the customer servicing bank. To raise the limit card, you should contact the bank office or use another payment method, for which there is no limit.
  • Suspicion of fraudulent transactions. The fact is that banks allow you to conduct a certain number of transactions per day, and therefore the execution of operations that exceed the permitted value quantitatively can be blocked.
  • The congestion of the banking system, which is especially observed in the season of discounts and shares. For successful payment, it is recommended to retry in a few minutes.
  • Absence of connection of mandatory in this case mobile Internet banking service, which sends a one-time code.
  • Payment rejection due to an error in choosing the type of card or incorrect filling of other fields.

Therefore, before asking why the payment for "Aliexpress" did not pass, it is recommended to revise all the information carefully once again, because even a single misprint can cause the system to fail.

Service malfunctions

However, it is not always the buyer's fault that the payment does not pass. On "Aliexpress" users often noticed some "oversights". Usually they arise from the overload of the service, however this quickly passes. Therefore, after a while, the payment certificate must be implemented successfully. In case this did not happen, it is necessary to write directly to the administration of the site, which will explain why the payment for "Aliexpress" does not pass, and will tell you how to proceed in this case.

Other non-standard problems

Not one of the above situations, the specific reason may not fall. But why then does not pass payment for "Aliexpress"? The case may be a random duplication of the order or browser settings, where you need to clear the cache for a successful operation. In addition, the snag may also occur in an unconfirmed account, as not everyone believes it necessary to switch to their own email and use the link to activate their account.

Buy via phone

What should I do if there is no payment for "Aliexpress" through the phone? As mentioned above, this may be due to insufficient funds on the account, blocking the payment function from the mobile phone (it is recommended to contact your operator here), as well as a lack of free space in the phone memory or lack of communication. In addition, some glitches may occur in the purchase of a special application, so it is recommended that you do not order goods via portable means of communication.

Full amount refund

What to do if the payment was not received on the website of "AliExpress", the money was withdrawn? In this case, you can safely claim the recovery of funds by opening a dispute with the seller, who, not wanting to lose his earned reputation and cash in on the difficulties of his potential customers, will return all funds in the original amount. If the funds are "lost" along the way, it is the fault of the organization responsible for the allocation of funds - the bank, the administration of Yandex.Money, WebMoney, etc. Then, to require them to resolve the situation is the legal right of the client.

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