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Interesting sites: for those who have nothing to do

Having lost his way in the realities of life and giving himself to the "eating" of senseless contemplations of what is happening, people sometimes sacrifice their own time. Spontaneously caused by an indifferent mood simply does not predispose to anything meaningful and productive, and at such times the sites for those who have nothing to do become a kind of outlet, often saving from insane thoughts and the oppressive state of an unreasonable spleen.

Calm, just calm ...

If you sometimes have nothing to counteract the negative in moments of impotence, and you understand that you are in a deadlock situation, and your brain completely refuses to give an answer to the omnivorous question of what to take in the moments of a "counterproductive" state - sites for those who have nothing to do Correspond to its purpose - "to kill time", but meaningfully and with a share of special significance! Motor activity or an easy analysis process will help a person to find peace of mind and turn "destruction" into a creative element of unobtrusive good.

Is it not good to fly away for a while into the boundless space of unconsciousness?

Let's consider the main points of the life process, when the loss of time is unconditional and predetermined, and also inevitable and is simply an inevitable phenomenon ...

When we go, sail and fly ...

Long distance travel, often expressed in a significant amount of human resources, can be compensated by: reading, talking with an interesting interlocutor, analyzing the dialogue between the passengers in the immediate vicinity or the used electronic devices through which the user can visit the sites for those who do There is nothing to distract from the tiresome road. Probably, you will be interested in the resource "Merry Giraffe". Convenient navigation and non-coercive service will allow you to:

  • Tap the door (if you want);
  • Listen to the sound of sea waves (relaxes incredibly);
  • Draw a pencil (and suddenly the artist sleeps in you);
  • Enjoy the panorama of New York (dream);
  • Listen to how naked little men notify local time (stunning effect).

Do not rush to extremes

The state of detachment, often mistakenly perceived as "thoughtfulness," is in fact the true "devourer of temporary traffic", allotted to homo sapiens (y) from the general definition of "life cycle". It is at such moments that we "swim" and are unable to respond to stimuli. Like a clam close in our own shell of consciousness, we expose our nature to danger, turning off the original protection and plunging the organism into a state of uncontrollable prostration. Recalling the same, do not understand the value of the "free flight" and are unable to apply it for good (epistolary exercises of the thinking apparatus), which in the end is a waste of precious minutes and even hours!

Interesting sites when there is nothing to do: the essence of the definition

It is not a secret for anyone that each person is different in his own way and is a unique person, with only one characteristic of his character and a unique set of chromosomes. Diversity in nature allows everyone to self-determine and exist according to one's own convictions, outlook and religion. Thanks to modern technologies, and in particular to the Internet, many sites for those who have nothing to do can offer a variety of options and solutions for "free" pastime. It is this phenomenon of interest that contributes to the full development of the individual, both intellectually and spiritually, of perfection. The universality of the content of Internet resources, and at least this - "When there is nothing to do" - allows you to spend time, sometimes practically different, in the literal sense of the word, to people using the same site for their own purposes. The electronic world is inherently an endless and inconceivably infinite space of information. On the site with a funny name "Stepashka" you will be offered films of various genres, as well as the ability to "pofludit, chat in chat or take advantage of one of the many faceted features of the service. In order not to be bored, you can simply chase an arrow across the screen or alternate day to night in a huge metropolis, using one of the innumerable applications that offer cool sites when there is nothing to do. However, you are already familiar with some of them.

Who is looking for, he is already interested!

Agree, waiting for a doctor's appointment, considering such a social phenomenon as a turn, sometimes there is nothing to occupy ... An original well-known global network - the Internet - can offer a peculiar comfort, and quality content. Probably, everyone who knows the usefulness of the World Wide Web in a little way has a couple of sites in the arsenal (bookmarks) that are of special interest to him because of the specification of the proposed information that meets the user's preferences. But everything gets boring, and nothing is perfect. Therefore, all of us are in constant search: new sensations, useful things and other manifestations of "impermanence." Of course, the user is updated with a list of sites when there is nothing to do. By the way, the "price-list of idleness" can be downloaded as a finished product: many users discard valuable material in the form of compact annotations and links to the resource, through which you can:

  • Mutilate his own "I" (marasmus, but popular);
  • To wonder at the magical abilities of the application ("that's it, how!");
  • To guess all and everyone (truly foolishness);
  • Reproduce posterity (very interesting primitivity!);
  • Read nonsense and at the same time wildly "neigh" (a somewhat dangerous occupation in terms of insanity);
  • To burst the bubbles (do not eat!);
  • Look at visual effects (forcing the eyes to rotate incredibly).

And much, much more, clearly referring to the true "doing nothing".


Of course, among the "durkovaniya" you can find and useful sources of inspiration (applications): write music, make a proposal with meaning, solve a "global" problem or take part in another useful scenario aimed at meaningful actions. Therefore, always, despite: melancholy or nostalgia, apathy or "unrestrained" laziness, - remember the ancient wisdom: "Everything is permissible to me, but not everything is useful." Be sound and fear recklessness!

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