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How to easily find a similar picture?

Making presentations, writing different kinds of work, collages - all this requires finding images on a given topic. Quite often there is a situation when you need to take a given image and find a similar picture, but, for example, without watermarks, with a higher resolution or with another composition, or it may be necessary to have a woman instead of a child in the photo. There are many options.

Earlier it was possible to wool the Internet for hours to find the right image, but now you can find a picture in Google through the Google Images service. Working with it is very simple: you need to open the page you need to link to from the main Google site. Then you can load the base image to find a similar image, you can do it in two ways: drag the image into the search box or click on the camera icon. The search engine will find the same pictures, but of different size and quality.

If you need to find images that are not identical to the original, then it is also not so difficult. You can also put the picture in the search box, and then go to the "Related images" section. In this section, the crawler places illustrations that, in his opinion, are sufficiently similar to the original uploaded to the system by the user.

In addition to Google, you can find a similar image by using special services, for example TinEye. This service will also find all the variants of the original image posted on the network, however, the search for homogeneous pictures is not by request, but by the image available to the user, only Google offers so far. Perhaps in the future such a function will acquire other search engines.

In the event that the search results of none of the services satisfied the user, you can use photobanks that work either for free or on a reimbursable basis. Before you find a similar image, you need to correctly compose a search query, because it depends on half the success. The user should formulate the request as accurately as possible (in accordance with their requirements). Before you look in the photobanks, you can once again try your luck with the search engines.

In an extreme case, if the image is not available, you can try to draw something similar in the graphics editor and on the basis of this picture again to perform a search. By the way, in the Google-picture service, you can not only upload an image to find a similar image, but also add a text query to it, which will increase the chances of getting the desired result.

And if you want the picture to be more or less unique, you can order it from scratch, whether it's a photograph or a vector image. Or maybe you need to learn the basics of graphic design yourself?

In the modern information world, images, texts, music are everywhere. The ability to find the necessary information in this array is almost an art, because the variety and amount of what has already been done is amazing. It's difficult to think up something unique, but it's even harder to find something similar, something that is already available, only "with mother-of-pearl buttons."

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