BM CLASSIC 200 - a motorcycle legend

In this motorcycle you can easily fall in love at first sight! Elegant lines of arcs, alloy wheels and sparkling chrome, blinding eyes - all this makes the BM Classic 200 motorcycle one of the most attractive bikes in the entire market of similar models. A stylish and refined chopper in the American style will allow you to feel the real buzz from unhurried and imposing driving along endless roads.

Description of motorcycle

The large number of chrome parts in the BM Classic 200 motorcycle, as well as the original design and attractive appearance - is there anything better than this kit for a real American chopper? For fast and fast pokatushek this motorcycle, most likely, will not work, but for road walks and for driving around the city it is quite suitable.

The purchase of the BM Classic 200, the characteristics of which meet all the requirements and standards, can be overshadowed by only one fact - the bike is quite expensive in service, but the pleasure of riding on it is much greater. Thanks to the company Baltmotors BM Classic 200 first appeared in Kaliningrad. Especially for this from Japan and China were carefully delivered all the components of the motorcycle, so that now he could please the lucky owner and draw the attention of all around him with his spectacular appearance. Knowledgeable experts say that this motorcycle is a real triumph of academicism.

In brief about the BM Classic 200

The layout of this classic bike with a drop-shaped tank, security arcs and a decent number of chrome elements. The BM Classic engine is a copy of the Suzuki DR 200 engine, which, as a rule, is equipped with a Japanese carburetor. Most recently, the company has made some changes to the motorcycle. First of all, they touched the front brake system, tires, platforms at the driver's feet, as well as the chain and drive stars.

The front brake line was replaced - a reinforced brake hose was installed instead of rubber, which significantly improved the technical characteristics of the front brake. The changes also touched the platform for the driver's legs - the specialists of the company slightly changed the angle of the platform itself, which positively affected the ergonomics of the motorcycle. The replacement of the leading and driven stars and the drive chain positively affects the life and operation of these components. In addition, at present BM Classic 200 motorcycles are equipped with new Kenda tires on the front and rear wheels.

Technical characteristics of the bike

A five-speed gearbox, a powerful front fork and double rear shock absorbers, a front disc brake and light alloy wheels - all these and many other features of a motorcycle are perfect for fans of real American choppers. In addition, this bike is an excellent budget option for motorcyclists, the assembly of which, among other things, performed at the proper level. The mere fact that the motorcycle at the factory is assembled almost manually, paying close attention to every detail and its fastening, speaks for itself.

The bike is equipped with a 4-stroke engine with one cylinder, an air cooling system and a displacement of 199 cu. See Maximum power - 15.6 horsepower (8000 rpm). With its fairly compact dimensions (length - 2235 mm, width - 840 mm) and dry weight of 148 kg BM Classic 200 motorcycle, reviews of which eloquently speak about its qualities, relatively little "eats". So, the average fuel consumption is about 3 liters per 100 km.

Characteristics of the chopper

  1. The large headlight, naturally chromed, not only lights up the path at night, but fits seamlessly into the overall design of the motorcycle.
  2. Double rear shock absorbers and a powerful front fork ensure a high ride on any road surface.
  3. The seat intended for the passenger is made taking into account all the physiological features of a person, so the person sitting behind will certainly appreciate the comfort and comfort.
  4. The indicator of a call of the mobile phone, established on the instrument panel, will allow not to miss an important call for noble sounding of the engine.
  5. Capacious trunk suits well in the design of the bike, and are an integral part of these American choppers.
  6. A reliable front disc brake will not only shorten the length of the braking distance, but will also give additional confidence to the driver while driving.

Summing up

Stylish, elegant and balanced, this chrome handsome will not leave indifferent any fan of the legendary motorcycles. The impressive design, worthy technical characteristics, reliability and confidence that accompanies the driver of this bike, the optimal fuel consumption and attractive price - all this distinguishes the BM Classic 200 from its analogues of foreign production, bringing it to a completely different level of motor vehicles.

"Changing for the better, stay true to yourself" - the motto of Baltmotors, which produces these already legendary bikes.

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