Motorcycles-cruisers. Characteristics, description, popular models

Today, cruisers are considered one of the most prestigious motorcycles. The word itself came to us from the English language and literally translated as "cruising", "following the course." The definition is appropriate for the purpose - motorcycle cruisers are designed for long trips with maximum comfort.

External Features

Probably, no other type of motorcycle has been awarded so much attention of designers. Motorcycles-cruisers delight the eye, cause real delight. Their feature is massive, low landing of the driver and passenger, heavy weight. The landing is strictly vertical, the footboards are taken forward. Most models have two comfortable seats, unlike, for example, sports, on which the passenger has to settle for a small leather "cake". But that's not all - some manufacturers manage to equip the motorcycle with even armrests!

An important feature of the considered category of bikes - they do not seem super maneuverable, super-fast and fast. But they are not meant for that. Cruisers are the same!

Technical side

Some manufacturers put the maximum amount of horsepower in the heart of the motorcycle-cruiser. However, most cruisers have very mediocre capacity, calculated to carry their own weight, two average passengers and small luggage.

On cruisers you can find completely different engines. For example, the BMW concern is not indifferent to the opposition, the legendary HD has been faithful to the two-cylinder V-twin for several decades, and many Chinese motorcycle cruisers are equipped with single-cylinder small motors. A large gas tank is a must. After all, in the long road to which motorcycle cruisers are designed, there may be problems with refueling.

Species diversity and the best representatives

It is believed that the origins of the history of this class were the same Harley and Davidson. Their brainchild - motor-giant Harley-Davidson - and today produces the best cruisers. Motorcycles of this class are collected by other major concerns: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki ... You can find a budget version of the cruiser, which was released in Korea or China. As a rule, these models in one way or another repeat the appearance of more expensive and eminent colleagues. Folk craftsmen do not lag behind industrial giants. In private workshops, sometimes real works of art are born, built on the basis of domestic "Ural" and "Dnieper", as well as from more expensive imported models.

Today, the most expensive of the mass-produced motorcycles is the Honda Gold Wing. It is no accident that he was given the name "Golden Wing", because the level of comfort is comparable to a real flight. This model is thought out to the smallest detail, everything in it is created for the convenience of the passenger and the driver. And the idea of its appearance will help you get the photo below.

Another legendary bike is Elektra Glide from HD. His versions have been re-issued several times, undergoing some changes in appearance and technical part.

No less popular are other models. Motorcycles-cruiser "Royal Star" from "Yamaha" and "Vulcan" from "Kawasaki" were repeatedly recognized as the best in its class by versions of various profile publications.

To date, this category of motorcycles is in demand both on the primary and secondary motors to a much greater extent than any other.

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