IZH-27175 - machine-hard worker

The car IZH-27175 was produced in Izhevsk from 2005 to 2012. With a wide use of VAZ-2104 units. The car is a rear-wheel drive car with a carrying capacity of 575 kg with a 74.5 liter engine. from.

Characteristics of IL-27175

The engine on the car from VAZ-2106, gasoline, injector; Mechanical 5-speed gearbox. The front suspension is independent, and the rear suspension is spring, which is better for carrying goods than the lever-spring suspension on the previous models. Front wheel brakes are disc, rear - drum drum brakes. The maximum speed is 135 km / h. The fuel consumption for the city is 10.9 liters, on the highway - 7.9 liters per 100 km. With a mixed cycle, the flow rate is 9.4 liters. The fuel tank holds 50 liters.


Access to the cargo compartment IZH-27175 provides a lift rear door and a folding rear edge. With the help of pneumatic supports, the rear door is securely fixed in the raised position. The volume of the load compartment is 3.2 cubic meters. The dimensions of the compartment are 1840x1600x1140 mm.


The IZH-27175 produces modernized welding equipment. The line is equipped with high-quality modern devices. When painting, domestic automotive enamels are used. The colors of the bodies are the following: white, avocado, calypso, port, sweet cherry. Painting is carried out on the same line with Kia Spectra and VAZ-21043.


The basic equipment includes inertial seat belts, noise insulation of the hood, hydraulic headlights corrector, electronic dials. Units and units are standardized with VAZ-2104: engine, gearbox, front suspension, rear axle with main pair, steering system, rear brake pressure regulator. From IZH got springs and propeller shaft. Such a large amount of borrowing will allow less time to spend in search of spare parts.


Half of the view of the left side mirror is closed by the wagon box, with the right mirror similar. Often to see the traffic light signal, the driver has to bend down to the steering wheel. Here you can recall the adjustment of the driver's seat.

The seats IZH-27175 are the same as that of the Ode. The longitudinal adjustment is moderate, drivers above average growth will not feel comfortable enough. There is another unpleasant feature of the seats: the highly developed lumbar support does not fit all drivers. The lock on which the back door of a van is locked, has an unsuccessful design, it is inclined to take off after trips on shaking roads. In general, the IZH-27175 model has retained all the main features inherent in the "heels" that have been manufactured for many years by IzhAvto. This hard worker is in constant demand among small and medium businesses. Even despite the shortcomings listed above, it steadily occupies a niche of funds for regular small-size shipments. A high degree of unification with the VAZ-2104 went only to the benefit of: the car became easier and more reliable in operation. I got a model and an official recognition.

IZH-27175: reviews and awards. Public acceptance

As reported by the portal Udm-Info, "The best commercial vehicle in Russia - IZH-27175".

The price of this vehicle is in the range of 150 000 r. Many car enthusiasts say that this car is very good for its value.

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