Mountain bikes, an extreme sport with a unique technical base

Motor racers - this is a special category of athletes, for which extreme often becomes the meaning of life. Drive a two-wheeled rattling machine on the track at a speed of over two hundred kilometers per hour or take part in competitions for the championship among professionals - the dream of many motorcyclists. This desire can only be realized with the availability of technical means.


There is a kind of motorcycle sport, which combines both extreme and extreme physical tension. It's a motocross on mountain trails. Such an exercise is only possible by hardy, specially trained athletes, and it is associated with a unique technical base. In competitions on high-altitude tracks, special "enduro" motorcycles are involved, which means "endurance" in Latin.

Mountain bikes are specially tuned cars with reduced gear ratios. Most motorcycles of this category are able to develop up to 70 km / h, that is three times less, if compared with the highway model.

In addition, mountain bikes have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from cars for ring races. First of all, this is the increased diameter of the front wheel, as a rule, it is not less than 21 inches. Such a significant increase in its compared with the rear wheel due to the need for super maneuvering in mountainous terrain. The front wheel of smaller diameter simply can not cope with the dynamics of turns, bends, slopes and slip of the yuz.

Technical features

Mountain bikes do not have turn signals, the stop signal is also absent. The seat's position is very high, besides, the rider almost never sits on it, it is in a standing position on the footrests to be able to absorb the incessant jolts from below during movement over bumps and bumps.

Mountain bikes have the maximum permissible ground clearance, otherwise inevitably collision of the crankcase of the engine with earth and stones. The front wing is raised high above the wheel and is at the point of connection of the horizontal bracket with telescopic racks. Also, sports mountain bikes are never equipped with headlights and other electrical appliances, since they are likely to be damaged during the race.


The companies that produce mountain crossovers are few, and they are mostly in Japan. These are firms "Suzuki", "Yamaha" and "Honda". Virtually all models are equipped with a motor volume of 125-250 cubic meters. Cm, the big volume of the cylinder does not make sense, the excessive power of the engine will remain without application.

Popular Models

The following models are in demand on the Russian market:

  • Honda XR130R.
  • Suzuki Djebel 200.
  • Yamaha VR250X 10.
  • Yamaha PW50'10.
  • Honda XR250 Baja.
  • Honda CRF230.


Two-wheeled sports equipment is quite expensive, if it's Japanese motorcycles of original assembly. But the market is literally littered with relatively inexpensive models of Chinese production. Only one company Racer delivers annually up to six new developments, and having good technical characteristics. The Chinese also produce enduro motorcycles, which, although they can not compete with Japanese-made motorcycles, have taken their own niche firmly.

The Chinese mountain bike, whose price is an order of magnitude lower than the Suzuki or Honda models, has its own exclusive advantages, among which, first of all, economy is noted. And since the enduro is equipped with very small fuel tanks, and the consumption of gasoline is considerable, this factor is of no small importance.

The cost of mountain bikes can vary from 55 to 500 thousand rubles, depending on the model and year of production. A high-class car, such as the Aprilia Dorsoduro 750, can be purchased for 354 thousand rubles. The model is simpler - "Kawasaki Versus 650" - will cost 274 thousand in ruble equivalent.

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