Motorcycle Yamaha Drag Star - choose your dream

Each motorcyclist comes a time when you want to choose a good, solid unit. So I dreamed of a chop that would have a cardan, a low landing and a V-tvin drive type. After thinking a little and thinking about it, he chose Yamaha Drag Star, which fully meets my requirements.

The first impression of the motorcycle is excellent. A pleasant opinion about itself leaves ergonomics, which will satisfy even critical bikers. Yamaha Drag Star does not fall on the side and is friendly to novice motorcyclists. In general, it seems that the chopper merges with the driver into one. So he is obedient and very stable.

We should thank the creators of Yamaha Drag Star 400 for excellent performance when driving. After all, if you fly (at a speed of a hundred) to the shoulder, you will not be threatened with a hospital bed, as often happens with other motorcycle models.

Illumination of the bike can be rated "four". Visibility of the headlights is quite normal, only here to look at the instruments, you need to tilt your head. However, such a feature - it's just a habit.

With the cardan, no problems should arise. It is only necessary to lubricate it periodically. If you choose Yamaha Drag Star, then pay attention to its classic performance. It has large wings, which will definitely help you during the mud and after the rain.

The fuel consumption of this motorcycle, too, you praduet, because it is only 4.5 liters per hundred kilometers. And if you take into account the fact that the tank on the chopper is installed 17-liter, then you will have enough for 280 km of mileage - this is unambiguous.

Positive emotions are caused by riding the Yamaha Drag Star. After all, such a motorcycle does not "sail" (it does not blow off wagons, as some bikes). It is convenient in it and the seat of the passenger, which in some models is equipped with a trunk and a backrest. And also a good glove box under the tank, which can accommodate many different things that will not interfere with the road.

Speaking in general, the motorcycle has such positive aspects:

- Excellent appearance;

- sustainable management;

- good ergonomics;

- Sharpness of a gear change;

- convenient arrangement of all elements;

- A capacious glove compartment;

- power reserve by mileage.

One can draw one conclusion: a motorcycle is just a dream, not a technique. But as in every barrel of honey there is a fly-fly, and this unit has some complaints. It should list some of the disadvantages of this bike:

- An inconvenient stopper of a gasoline tank;

- Unpleasant arrangement of a speedometer and rows of light bulbs;

- Brushes begin to hurt, since there is no angle of inclination while riding.

Also from the owners you can find out that motorcycles of this model (in particular Yamaha Drag Star 1100) suffer from slowness. But, as practice shows and Russian traffic jams, this is extremely rare, because the bike squeezes between the rows easily and naturally. If you need to move from one row to another, there is also no question. After all, if you feel your size and know how to drive, then such a problem is unambiguously unknown to you.

Total, having bought this unit, you will not be ashamed to show it to friends and acquaintances. After all, he is very handsome and evokes a sense of respect and admiration for his huge size and excellent design.

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