Motorized draft. And All About Him

Officially it is a means of small-scale mechanization, which is intended for the transportation of people and small loads.

Generally speaking, it's ... a motorbike that is like a snowmobile, but not a snowmobile!

In the kit there is one caterpillar, launched by the engine, there is no seat on it, so that in order to move on it, you need to have a snowmobile or scraper, and the motor-tow does not have skis or even a rudder. The steering wheel is replaced by a long handle welded to the body itself, through which control is carried out.

In the management of the motorized toboggan it is swampy and slow. Any movement requires skill and a certain skill, coming with experience. But for small tasks - like driving to the place of hunting / fishing / children to ride, or for a short walk on shallow snow - it will completely come down. Although all the possibilities of the motor-drafter will be written a little lower.

If you compare a motorbike with alternate variants - a snowmobile and an ATV, then of course the "dog" in many respects loses - for example, the speed indicated by the manufacturers is not more than 35 km / h (although the fans of the snowmobile say that they dispersed their "dogs" and up to 50 km / h ), Due to the lack of steering and the inability to turn (to change the angle, it is necessary to turn the entire caterpillar), these mini-snowmobiles can not boast of maneuverability, in comparison with the ATV, the passability and convenience indicators lag behind.

However, at the same time it is the motorbike that is often chosen by city residents as a technique for outbreaks to nature, as the content of its motor-taker in Novosibirsk , for example, is much cheaper and more convenient than providing all conditions for storing and servicing larger equipment such as a snowmobile and an ATV.

The motorcycle is very compact, and it plays into the hands of those who have little space in the garage, it easily fits inside a conventional sedan, minivan or station wagon, which means that it does not require the purchase of a trailer for its transportation. If, however, it is more accurate to talk about the dimensions of the motor-drafters, then it is worthwhile to clarify that the differences are still present. For example, the smallest SMM has a length of only 1150 mm, which absolutely safely allows you to carry it in the cabin of an ordinary car, but the power in this case remains at the level - so, the maximum weight possible for towing it will be 120 kg. A larger representative of the snowmobile will occupy space around 1500 mm, but this will give it the strength to tow up to 200 kg of live weight.

Again, returning to ATVs and snowmobiles - since they are forbidden to ride on roads, it is necessary to be willing to spend money on a trailer in case this equipment is purchased.

In addition, the motorized drafter, not being a vehicle, does not require registration, the existence of rights and, in general, the holding of some sort of events in order to manage it.

Due to its simple design, it is very reliable and easy to repair and maintain. Not picky and only this is very advantageous in the face of harsh reality.

By the way, about the reliability of the motobuxer, his secret is his stuffing. Despite the simplicity of design and rough design, the motor and reducer of the motor sport are the birth of the leading machinery manufacturers. Mostly in the designs of the tugs use engines from Honda, MTR, Lifan.

I think it's pointless to talk about a global manufacturer like Honda, as this brand is known to everyone. The Chinese manufacturer MTR is cheaper in price, but not inferior as a new brand, which also confidently reclaims its place in the global market. One of the advantages of MTR engines, in addition to prices, is called economy and clear construction, which makes it possible to repair the equipment yourself.

Also, the engine can boast a low fuel consumption (4 times less than a snowmobile).

And, of course, it is worth mentioning the issue of value - in fact the price of a motor-tugger is several times lower than the price of any snowmobile and, especially, a quadrocycle.

And if you choose a model of a motor-tugger more imposing and more reliable, then such a model as the bike tractor Bars Pathfinder will surprise you with its patency. He can take such tests as autumn slush and wetlands.

Good luck shopping with you!

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