Honda CB 750 - a motorcycle that does not know the time

This model of a motorcycle is known by almost everyone who has even been interested in this kind of technology at least once. The number of copies released has long crossed the 100,000 mark, and the abbreviation of this model - Honda CB 750 - underscores the history of that time.

History of occurrence

For the first time the four-cylinder motorcycle Honda appeared in 1968 and made a real sensation among its counterparts in the corresponding market. At that time, the motorcycle had a five-speed transmission, an upper camshaft and a front disc brake, which undoubtedly affected the incredible popularity of this model.

In order to consolidate this success, in the early 90's the company launched a similar classic version of this motorcycle. Initially, motorists perceived the new model as a direct competitor to the neoclassic, but it is difficult to compare these two versions. Yes, outwardly they are similar, but the manufacturers assure that they have specially aged the filling of the motorcycle and its running gear in order to distinguish this model from the total mass. At present, there are several variations of the so-called "sibiha", but as such there are no significant differences between them. It is worth noting that the Japanese released, produce and hopefully will produce this model, because its popularity with the years only increases.

Model Description

Externally, the Honda CB 750 has its own specific features that distinguish it from similar models. The same goes for technical specifications. This is the model of a motorcycle that can proudly wear the title of "road king". The bike is able to deliver a lot of fun and enjoyment to its owner. However, like any other technique, it requires close attention and due care.

Those who once saddled this legendary bike, immediately note a comfortable landing, which is important for long trips. In addition, special attention deserves a good traction, which turns a motorcycle into a real steam locomotive, which allows you to go uphill without even adding gas. Manageability for this handsome man is excellent, but with brakes at high speed to experiment yet is not worth it. Of course, the Honda CB 750, the characteristics of which deserve respect, it is difficult to compare the technical parameters with the sportbike, but neoclassicism is a very good option.


This motorcycle can accelerate to 100 km / h in just 4.5 seconds. However, in this speed mode there is no need, because the Honda CB 750 - an excellent option for a measured and quiet ride. The model is equipped with an engine with a valve drive system with hydraulic compensators, so it works almost silently and does not require constant adjustments.

However, this system requires a very careful attitude to itself, otherwise the "wrong" oil, poured into the engine, can result in loss of the nth amount. The transmission of this bike differs quiet mode of operation, so the slightest extraneous sound can indicate the presence of any malfunctions in the Honda CB 750, fuel consumption of which is 6.2 liters per 100 km. By the way, the total volume of the fuel tank is 20 liters.

Technical parameters of the engine
type of drive chain
Consumption per 100 km 6, 2 liters
Number of cylinders / bars 4/4
Engine capacity 747.4 cu. cm
Camshaft timing system Two camshafts in the cylinder head
Compression ratio 9.3
Power 73 liters. S. / 8500 rpm
Number of gears 5
Rear suspension Pendulum with two shock absorbers
Front suspension Represented by a telescopic fork
Brakes Disc rear and front
Dry weight 215 kg
Fuel tank capacity 20 liters

Modifications Honda CB 750

One of the most popular models of "sibihi" is the Honda CB 750 Nighthawk. It has the same properties as for the classical model, but there are some differences. So, changes have concerned volume of a tank, weight of a motorcycle and its dimensions. In addition, the classic Honda CB 750, the reviews of which eloquently testify to its excellent qualities, is equipped with more powerful brakes compared to Nighthawk.

In addition, for the US market was released a simplified version of the Honda CB 750, but it lasted only two-odd years. He was replaced by a classic model of a motorcycle. In addition, this model was produced in black without a passenger handle, and sometimes without an additional fan on the radiator.

What else can you add about this beautiful woman?

The fact that for real connoisseurs of technology this model of the motorcycle is optimal. It is time-tested, inexpensive and unpretentious in maintenance, differs with a rather impressive external design, besides it has worthy technical characteristics. Moreover, with the current capabilities of the motorcycle can easily be equipped with all sorts of attributes that will ensure it an even longer period of operation. Moreover, this version is very often used in some countries (in the same Japan for example) as a motorcycle for training, because for its "unshakable" characteristics it is the best suited for this role. Therefore, it is not surprising that in our market it is in great demand, especially among those who decided to change their car for the first time. This motorcycle, even after passing several thousand kilometers, is able to withstand the same amount.

And finally

The Honda CB 750 is a motorcycle that has survived for generations. It's not for nothing that this model in the biker environment was nicknamed "the old lady". It is treated with great respect and respect. Even if it is difficult to put it in places on a par with modern versions of two-wheeled vehicles, nevertheless, it can rightfully be admired.

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