Biotatuazh brows - what to expect?

Beautifully designed eyebrows - one of the most important requirements of beauty. It does not matter whether they are thin or wider and natural - in any case, they should look perfect, because this affects the overall impression of your appearance, since eyebrows emphasize the eyes and facial features.

Who better to choose biotatuazh brows?

Often it is not easy to achieve perfect form, not all eyebrows differ in density and beautiful bend, it sometimes happens that hairs do not grow at all in places. Then they can be painted with a pencil or shadows, but they will look unnatural, besides it will have to be done daily, at the risk of any inaccurate movement or embrace to wipe an eyebrow, and in the morning you will see an empty canvas on the mirror, which can not be positive Reflect on self-esteem. Tattooing in this case will be a good alternative, because with it you can give this "frame of eyes" the desired shape without having to re-draw it a little.

What is the difference between biotagging and tattooing?

Biotatuazh eyebrows came to us from India, performed by brown henna. This is an excellent replacement for the usual permanent make-up. First, there are no chemical impurities in it. Moreover, it lasts about three weeks, so if you are not lucky with the master, you quickly and without a trace get rid of the undesirable result. The main difference of biotatuyas is that the skin is not injured, as with permanent make-up, because the needle does not enter the skin, the pattern is applied to its surface. The procedure takes about twenty minutes and is completely painless. You already immediately after it will be able to lead a habitual way of life and you will understand how successful it was for you to make biotatuazh eyebrows. Reviews of him say that eyebrow care after the procedure is very simple. In the first day you can not wet the treated area, but for a longer result you need to lubricate it every day with oil. If you are not sure, but you are interested in biotagging of eyebrows with henna, reviews about it will help you to decide definitively.

How safe is henna?

Henna is a natural product, no chemistry, no impurities in it. It is absolutely safe for the skin, does not cause allergies, so biotatuazh eyebrows can be done pregnant and lactating. Do not have to experience pain from a needle injury, and if you get tired of tattooing, you can be sure that it will get by yourself, and you will not have to undergo painful expensive procedures to remove it. The henna used has a rich palette, thanks to which you can choose a shade for any hair color. An important factor is also that the color does not grow with the extinction of blue or pink, like the pigments of permanent make-up.

Try to make biotatuazh eyebrows with henna. Reviews about this natural product are quite unambiguous - you should try if you want to achieve the ideal result without the slightest harm to health.

What are the techniques of biotatuazha?

In addition to choosing the type of tattoo, it is worth considering and the technique of its execution. The first option is to shade a shade or, as it is called, shunting. The eyebrow is neatly drawn and looks like a penciled pencil.

A few years ago there was a new trend, many chose hair technology (3D), for blondes it is especially interesting. It takes a little longer, as the shape is drawn with neat strokes along the entire length, which looks more natural than feathering.

Now a completely new technology has been developed, a kind of revolution in the sphere of tattooing - biotatuazh 6D, which will be discussed in our article.

Biotage of eyebrows 6D - what's the advantage?

This is a unique procedure, thanks to which you will get the perfect eyebrows, maximally imitating natural hairs. You can adjust the shape of the plucked eyebrows, disguise areas with scars, if necessary, apply cosmetics on them and calmly contact with water. The pattern is applied with a special handle, by means of which, using thin needles, it is possible to create lines as thin as human hair.

During biotatuazh 6D use unique schemes, in which each hair in its place and drawn in different shades for a natural look. There is a need for correction in a month, but it lasts a couple of years. Do not worry, because the thickness of the drawing is from the hair, and the pigment is introduced completely shallow, the damage to the skin is minimal.

Can I learn biotatuazhu?

Many people are attracted by the simplicity of biotatuazh, especially without penetration into the derma with a needle, and the question arises: "Is it possible to learn this art and conduct it at home?" After all, why waste time trying to find a qualified specialist in all respects, if it is realistic to do everything yourself, taking into account the wishes?

Now there are quite a few courses where you can get training. Biotatuazh eyebrows - a fairly simple procedure, and a long time to master it does not require. On average, the course will take from three to five days to study the techniques of application, theory, modeling, coloring, working out on models and other things. So in a fairly short time you will be able to do yourself biotatuazh eyebrows. But remember that in the cabin this procedure will be more comfortable than at home.

When making your choice between types of tattoo, do not forget to familiarize yourself with the procedure for removing permanent make-up. Most often, two methods are used: a special cream and a laser. Those who did biotatuazh eyebrows, the reviews are only positive, because there is no need to look for ways to get rid of it, because he goes himself for three weeks. But if you are reflecting on the usual permanent makeup, be prepared for the fact that the cream will not remove the failed tattoo at a time, you will have to work more than one day. Laser removal in this case will be much more effective, but it will cost "a pretty penny" and a bit painful. Yes, and even to help a laser you have to apply twice to rejoice yourself with clean skin.

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