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Films for glass self-adhesive transparent, colored, patterned

Films for glass self-adhesive - a material with unlimited possibilities. To its indisputable advantages include a wide range of applications, environmental security for humans, the possibility of implementing the most daring design solutions for interior design, as well as durability.

What is a self-adhesive film?

First, let's see what kind of material it is, what its merits are. Films for glass self-adhesive (they are often called self-adhesive) is a vinyl or other plastic material. Its surface can have some kind of decorative design, for example, textured, colored or patterned, and its second layer - glutinous (hence the name of the material). It is reliably protected from dusting, unexpected gluing and any mechanical damage, a paper base with a glossy surface. Many manufacturers on this layer place their advice and recommendations about the use of the material.

Types of Films

This material by properties can be divided into:

  • Transparent film;
  • Colored;

In addition, self-adhesive glass films are divided according to the method of use for:

  • Mono- and polychrome standard matrix-billets, intended for cutting out of them certain elements of patterns on glass, to create stained glass;
  • Canvas, which are glued to the entire area of the glass with a pattern.

Where is the "self-adhesive" pattern applied?

Today this material has found wide application in internal works, at creation of original and original interiors. The fact is that the decorative film on the glass perfectly imitates these complex stained glass. This allows designers to create great interiors at low cost.

In order not to be unfounded, we will list the premises of apartments (or houses), where the most often (and successfully) used films for glass self-adhesive.

  1. Such material can decorate the front door (if it is made of glass). Naturally, we are talking about tempered glass (only it is used to make entrance doors).
  2. A self-adhesive film with a pattern will look great on the glass part of the interior doors.
  3. If the windows of the apartment are facing south and you are experiencing an overabundance of sunlight, you can use a stained glass window that will cover part or all of the window.
  4. As a result of using this simple technique, the natural light that penetrates the apartment will become more muted.

Correctly picking up the color range of such a film, you can get a feeling of coolness. It will give the predominance of green and blue colors. You can give room comfort and warmth. In this you will first of all help the yellow color.

This same method is fully justified, if the windows of the apartment are arranged in such a way that everything that happens in the room can be easily seen from the windows of a neighboring house or from the street.


We figured out how to use colored glass films (self-adhesive). Now the question arises: "Why do you need a transparent film that can not decorate the room?" You are right. Such material is not intended for registration. This is not a decorative film on the glass. It performs a protective function.

The surface of such a film is matte, does not have a glossy luster. The width of the canvas is ninety centimeters. In a roll of fifteen running meters. Such self-adhesive glass films are used to protect materials and smooth surfaces from scratches, other mechanical damage during storage and transportation. They can be applied to mirrors and glass, wood and plastic and other materials with a smooth surface.

Transparent film does not create any patterns or visible effects on the glass, but the image makes it slightly more cloudy. If you apply it to a mirror, it will lose its reflective properties slightly, but the overall silhouettes will still reflect.

This material has the following advantages:

  • Optical transparency;
  • Mechanical and light resistance;
  • Protects against vandalism;
  • Prevents shattering of fragments;
  • Easy to apply and remove.

"Orakal" film

This material is manufactured by the German corporation ORAFOL Europe GmbH. Today, it has proved itself well in the Russian market. Self-adhesive film with a pattern is designed to create colored glass for a variety of sliding systems. It can be sliding-door wardrobes, interior doors. This company is one of the leaders in the production of polymer films of various purposes from polyvinyl chloride, monomeric calendered and polyester film.

The film "Orakal" will allow you with the least time and financial expenses to create a door-compartment of different designation of any colors. In addition, this film will help to produce colored glass with a pattern.

Advantages of the material:

  • Long service life;
  • Resistance to acids, alkalis, oils;
  • Resistance to ultraviolet radiation;
  • Ease of maintenance.

Films for glass (self-adhesive) "Orakal" are glued to the underside of the glass. You can add sandblast drawings to it.

How to glue the film?

Any window or glass on the door will look much more original, if you decorate it with a film. Pasting the film will not cause any problems if you follow the simple rules.

  1. First of all, the glass must be washed from both sides.
  2. Pour water of room temperature into the atomizer and put a dish detergent into it.
  3. Stir the solution, but do not stir it vigorously so that a thick foam does not form.
  4. Measure the glass and make the necessary workpiece from the film.
  5. Spray water from the spray gun onto the glass. A damp surface will allow the film to move to fit properly on the glass.
  6. Remove the paper layer from the film from one edge, about ten centimeters, and bend it. In case the sticker is small in size, the paper can be removed completely.
  7. Place the film on the glass with a sticky layer. Gently, smooth the surface with a rubber spatula. You can use a soft napkin. Your task - to drive out from under the sticker a drop of water and air. Flatten the film "herringbone" from the center to the edges.
  8. Hold the film with one hand, and the second, gently pull out the paper. Separating a few more centimeters of adhesive layer, smooth the film on the glass. If you notice a crease formed, lift the nearest edge of the film from the surface and smooth it again.

Examine carefully the result of your work. If you notice an air bubble under the film, do not get upset - pierce it with a needle and squeeze it again with a napkin.

"Samokleika": the price

Self-adhesive film for glass can be bought in large building supermarkets or specialized stores. Prices for it are different. It depends on the quality of the material, its width, the manufacturer. For example, a transparent YAC film, 112x30 mm in size, costs 1213 rubles. The film "Orakal" costs from 750 to 1500 rubles per square meter. The lowest prices differ material of Chinese manufacturers - 150-200 rubles per square meter.

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