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How to blow up dynamite in the Meincraft. Shall we make a noise?

So, today we will talk with you about how to blow up dynamite in the Meincraft. The thing is that the player can create a kind of bomb, then set fire to them and arrange a "big boom". If you use this method correctly, you can notice that it helps a lot. Let's try to figure out how to blow up dynamite in Meincraft.


So, the first way to do it is to use the most ordinary fire. However, first you will have to find or create dynamite. Only then do you think how you can get the spark you need. For the first experiments a trolley with dynamite is suitable. In "Maynkraft" it is created with the help of TNT and trolley.

Well, if you have already found what you are going to "put into the air," then it's time to think about getting a fire. What do you need for this? You will have to find a flint (it is obtained when working with gravel with a probability of 10%) and steel. Just combine them and apply. That's all. Now you know how to blow up dynamite in Meincraft. But this is not the only way.

Fireballs + lava

Another good way to blow up dynamite is to use some kind of combustible substance. For example, lava. It can be found in nature in its pure form. So go in search. When you find a deposit of the desired material, stock up on it. Here is such a strange game "Meincraft". Dynamite enough "obdat" lava (put the block next to the bomb) and wait a bit.

Another effective method is to collect some resources and make a fireball out of them . After that, the "weapon" is released in a barrel with explosives. If you do not miss, you will get the desired result. But how to get a "ball"? To do this, collect a little coal (even wood), fire powder and gunpowder. Combine them in the inventory - get 3 units of balls. After that, look for TNT and act. Now you know one more way of how to blow up dynamite in Meincraft. True, and that's not all. Let's see how it is possible to carry out the conceived, if neither balls, nor lava, nor fire we have.

Red dust

Well, of course, you can easily and easily use the main material, which is the conductor in the game for the implementation of our today's task. You need red dust! But where can I find it?

The fact is that this material can be obtained when working with red stone or red ore. All this is looking for near the lava - there, as a rule, there are mines. Collect as much of the material as you can and go to the bomb. Now draw the wire from the dynamite. It must be activated. How to do it?

The first way - to create a stick and a stone lever, and then connect it as a switch. Probably, this is the most accessible method. Next, you can put a button next to the dynamite, which you need to press and quickly escape. Another option is to stand on the pressure plate next to the TNT. In the end, you can place a red torch next to the explosive. As you can see, there are quite a few options. Choose the one that suits you, and act. Now you know almost all the options for how to blow up dynamite in the Meincraft.


True, there is another method that is known to many players. In particular, those who have played in Maynkraft for a long time already. The thing is that if you do not have any special accessories for activating explosives, it does not mean that you can not blow it up. Let's try to "turn" this case.

So, first of all you need to find TNT. Next, you will need a very fast reaction. Free your hands and go to the right object. Now it's enough just to hit the "keg" and quickly run away to hell. After a few seconds, TNT will fly into the air. Now you know all the ways how to blow up dynamite in Meincraft. Choose the one that you prefer, and act!

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