How to dress more fashionably: the latest trends

Fashion is constantly changing. Today everyone wears jeans, but tomorrow they can wear tight suits. And how to dress more diligently this year and in the next one? It is necessary to understand this.

Colors and prints

Before you learn how it is fashionable to dress now, it's worth finding out the most popular colors and patterns. In this season, the shades of blue, red, burgundy are relevant. Do not go out of fashion classic gray, white and black. Saturated and warm pastel colors are also popular, as are the shades of brown: sand, coffee, chocolate. And you can choose the color of beige, it will give the image elegance and femininity. In addition, bright and sunny orange and yellow, deep purple and romantic pink are relevant.

And how to dress more carefully, choosing clothes with prints? Give preference to floral patterns, animalistic and geometric patterns, as well as strip, peas and cage.

Fabrics, styles and styles

How to dress fashionably and stylishly this season? Choose the right fabrics and materials. Today at the height of popularity are velvet, leather and mohair. In addition, fur is widely used, not only for making outerwear, but also for decorating dresses and accessories. Sexuality of the image can add a translucent flowing tissue.

The styles are relevant laconic: straight lines and strict shapes. Overstated waist pants, skirts and dresses are welcome, but not all fit. If you want to stand out, choose something draped or layered. Clothing can be decorated with zippers or bows, it is very fashionable. And still actual worn and torn holes.

If you are wondering how to dress more thoroughly, then you should find out that the retro style is popular . This means that everything that has long been forgotten and old is returned: fitted dresses, voluminous jumper, knitted things and flared trousers and skirts.

What to wear?

What should be in the wardrobe?

  • Everyday clothes: jeans, sweaters, turtlenecks and so on.
  • Outerwear. Today at the peak of popularity are coats of different styles. In addition, you can buy a fur vest. Leather does not go out of fashion, so a jacket made of such material will come in handy.
  • Dresses. Choose feminine styles: bustier, case. But do not forget about romanticism, buy a light chiffon dress with a flared skirt to the knees (or slightly higher). Do not interfere and fitting a short model of knitwear or large mating.
  • Strict style is also popular, so do not forget to purchase a suit consisting of straight or narrowed trousers or a pencil skirt and a fitted jacket.

Helpful Tips

How to dress more carefully? Below are a few recommendations:

  1. Find your style. Imitation is not the best option, but personality is needed.
  2. Do not pursue fashion trends, wear what you are looking for.
  3. Any set of clothes can be supplemented and enlivened with accessories: belts, ornaments, beautiful bags.
  4. Choosing a thing, find out the opinion of an outsider. An unbiased view will help to make the right decision.

Now you know about all the fashion trends and you can certainly dress stylish and original.

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