Best Lubricant for Motorcycle Chains: Overview, Types, Manufacturers and Feedback

The motorcycle circuit is an important element, which requires timely maintenance. Experts advise to lubricate it at least once every 5-7 months. How? To do this, there is a lubricant for motorcycle chains. The correct choice and timely maintenance of your vehicle is a guarantee of stability of its behavior and durability.

What and how to choose?

Due to the poorly maintained chain, smooth running will worsen, and wear will be higher. It is worth noting that this element is not cheap, so it's better to take care of it in a timely manner than after six months to change it. There is a wide choice of lubricants for brands, but first we will consider their features in terms of composition, type and technical characteristics. A modern lubricant for motorcycle chains can be:

  • Aerosol: it is released in a can, it penetrates well into the hard-to-reach parts of the chain, but can also fall on the rim or tires when sprayed.
  • Liquid: this lubricant is supplied in a bottle in the form of a lubricator, so it can be used point-by-point, processing exactly the right intervals. But such lubricants can thicken in the cold.
  • Two-component: it is available in the form of a butterfly bottle, has a dense structure, but it easily penetrates into the chain rollers, it can be used for spot treatment. Because of the solvent in the composition, it takes time to dry it.
  • Thick: such a lubricant is supplied in a can or tube, it is not very convenient to use because of the dense texture.

Repelling water, resistance to moisture, protecting the chain from sticking sand, dirt, lubricating it and preventing premature wear - these are the basic requirements that must be met by the lubricant for the motorcycle chain. Which is better? Let's try to understand below.


Representatives of this brand know how important it is to keep the motorcycle chain clean, by means of which the torque from the engine to the carrying wheel is transmitted. The company offers a wide range of components, among which you can choose the chemistry for processing and motorcycle chains. We offer an overview of the most popular compositions of this brand:

  1. Motul Chain Lube is the most popular product in the brand line. It is used to handle all types of circuits, it is recommended for use on off-road models. Grease for motorcycle Motul reduces friction and loss of power, increasing the life of this accessory. Thanks to the solvent in the composition it penetrates deeply between the links and flushes all the deposits. Perfectly adheres to the surface in a few minutes.
  2. Motul Chain Lube Off Road is a lubricant that can be used to process standard and annular bushings. It is recommended to use it for off-road motorcycle models. Special composition prevents adhesion to the chain of earth and sand.

According to reviews, the lubricants of this brand are good variety of options for all types of vehicles, in addition, they provide a high quality lubricant. But with high quality, the high cost of the formulations is noted.


Grease for chains of motorcycles is presented in a variety of compositions. So, Ipone Spray Chain is a white aerosol that can withstand corrosion, repel moisture and at the same time show excellent penetrating power. Due to the enhanced tackiness, the coating is reliable and durable.

Ipone Sand Chain is also a white spray, specially developed for use in vehicles that are operated in desert and sandy conditions. Using this lubricant creates a protective film, which eliminates abrasive wear and sand adhesion.

Ipone Racing Chain Blue is a high-quality compound that has a Teflon base, and can therefore be operated under extreme conditions - in dirt, dust and at high speeds. This grease for chains of motorcycles is characterized by high penetrating ability, resistance to moisture and excellent protective properties.

If you take into account the opinion of users, among the merits they note a large lineup of compositions, the very texture in the form of an aerosol that is easy to apply, and a variety of colors - you can choose the composition for the color of your motorcycle. But the lubricant is delivered without a long tube, which complicates its application.

Liqui Moly

The popular brand Liqui Moly offers a wide range of lubricating elements, which significantly increase the service life of motorcycle chains. Consider the range offered by this German brand:

  1. Motorrad Kettenspray Grand Prix Grun - this lubricant for the motorcycle circuit Liqui Moly is presented as a spray, so it is easy to use. Its purpose is to lubricate the element, protecting it from wear and tear. Excellent sticks to the surface and stays on it even at high speed. In addition, the coating will be resistant to high loads and temperatures during operation.
  2. Kettenspray chain care spray can be used for the primary and regular processing of motorcycle chains. Thanks to this tool, you can ensure proper care for the rubber seals of chain links. Special ester components in its composition increase the stickiness of the lubricant and its ability to retain it on the surface.
  3. Motorbike Ketten-Reiniger is a tool that quickly and, most importantly, gently cleans the chain from the old grease. After application, the cleaner evaporates, and the chain does not lose its density.

What do customers say?

According to customers' reviews, the aerosols of this brand are easily applied and quickly dry, well penetrating even into the thin gaps. If necessary, you can buy a cleaner to first treat the element and remove the remains of old coatings. Due to these qualities, this lubricant for the motorcycle chain is in demand. The price for most sprays is on average 500-600 rubles per bottle.


This company is the world leader in the production of high performance lubricants. Auxiliary products for motorcycles are aimed at comprehensive protection and care of a number of elements of this equipment:

  1. Castrol Chain Cleaner is a cleansing spray for motorcycle chains. After applying to the surface, you must wait for the spray to evaporate. Among the advantages of this composition, users note the high efficiency, rapid evaporation and displacement of water.
  2. Chain Spray OR is a synthetically based lubricant that has maximum efficiency. The spray is characterized by high lubricity, it penetrates and cools as much as possible with the motorcycle coating, the solvent in it quickly evaporates, and the coating itself remains stable even with prolonged exposure to water.

According to many users, this is the best lubrication of the motorcycle chain, which has proven itself on the good side due to its high quality, adequate price and usability.


Lubricants of this brand are not as well known as those described above, but they deserve attention due to the high quality of surface treatment. Grease for the chain Repsol Moto Chain is an aerosol with a synthetic base, with which you can clean the chains and other transmission systems. This composition provides resistance to wear and corrosion, while the coating will withstand the maximum load. At an affordable price, the lubricant is not very praised, as there is no assortment, besides it is supplied without a long tube, which complicates the application process.

Automatic systems

Not everyone can do the chain lubrication with their own hands. Especially for them, an automatic lubrication of the motorcycle chain, for example, of the Scottoiler brand, is created, thanks to which the chain is smeared even during the movement of the motorcycle. This system is simply installed on a motorcycle and controlled by an electronic controller with a built-in accelerometer. Due to a uniform and constant supply of oil, the lubricant will not linger and adhere to the chains, mixing with sand and dirt when moving. In addition, a thin trickle of lubricant will more effectively lubricate the chain, rather than when treated with spray or aerosol. The advantages of an automatic lubricant supply system include:

  • The possibility of increasing the life of the chain with significant savings on its replacement;
  • The possibility of application on any motorcycle models, even with electronic fuel injection;
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of the chain, which will always be covered with a thin oil film.

When to choose automatic lubrication?

Automatic lubrication systems are ideal if you plan a long trip, when you do not want to stop for the treatment of the chain system with conventional sprays. In other cases, you can use the usual tools - cheaper and suitable for home use.

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