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More than five decades of the process of improving the production of Yamaha have not passed without a trace. Today, these one hundred and twenty-five cubes of motorcycles are considered the embodiment of ideas of functionality, pleasure and freedom. Yamaha YBR 125, the testimonials of which - to that testify, are carried out with great diligence and quality, which the engineers of the company have already raised to the highest level for half a century. They hold the opinion that the result directly depends on their efforts.

Motorcycle Yamaha YBR 125

Reviews about him, despite the small cubature, indicate that this "iron horse" is able to take his rider anywhere. This motorcycle with its rather gently working four-stroke engine and five-speed gearbox will easily and quickly carry through the crowded city streets.

Yamaha YBR 125, whose technical characteristics are inversely proportional to its price, is equipped with a modern advanced instrument panel, a silencer of the most advanced design, side protectors on the gas tank and handles for the passenger.


Thanks to its fairly light diamond-shaped frame, this model is able to provide very precise control, and its effective suspension gives the driver confidence during driving. Rapid braking Yamaha YBR 125, reviews of the impeccability of which are most often found among owners, is provided by the operation of the front disc and rear drum brakes. And the device of a relief double seat guarantees the motorcyclist maximum comfort. Created by development engineers for trouble-free operation, the reliable Yamaha YBR 125 will never fail.

For beginners

This malokubaturny motorcycle is considered an ideal starting two-wheeled technical tool for beginners. Having bought Yamaha of this model, the driver will get everything he needs, without putting his life at risk and unnecessary danger. For those who like high power, you need to gain experience. Yamaha YBR 125, reviews of which indicate its economy and high quality, is quite affordable. In addition, the quality of the company's products allows you not to doubt it. And such components as disc front brakes, electric starter, light-alloy eighteen-inch wheels with a spacious double seat make this bike in no way worse than the largest motorcycle in size.


It is obvious that the Yamaha YBR 125 is quite a great combination of quality and price, and this Yamaha YBR 125 is quite popular. This practical motorcycle has a classic and, as it follows, reliable design, comfortable suspension, excellent maneuverability. Naturally, in all this, not the least role is played traditionally by the Japanese quality.


Motorcycle Yamaha YBR 125, whose characteristics indicate a minimum of vibration, has a good traction at high and medium revs. In addition, due to the relatively small amount of its engine, this bike is famous for its fuel economy: the consumption is only about 1.7 liters per 100 kilometers of track. The developers have perfected it, ensuring reliable lubrication of friction elements under any operating conditions with simultaneous reduction of filter wear.

In addition, they were able to reduce to a practical minimum of vibration due to a significant reduction in the weight of all moving elements. The Yamaha YBR 125 - the owners' testimonials to prove it - has a suspension well balanced both for driving through urban asphalt and on country roads.

Of course, the motorcycle is not perfect. Naturally, he has a number of shortcomings, including the cost of cubature. Yamaha YBR 125, whose maximum speed is about one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour, can not be called the fastest two-wheeled vehicle.


There are errors in the speedometer, in addition, the car has a weak dynamics. Its narrow regular tires are imperfect, some owners of this motorcycle call it "bicycle". The chain up to the third generation was a simple sleepless with very little resource, whereas in the new models - DID o-ring - there is much more potential. However, some other updated characteristics have caused a significant damage to the dynamics of the motorcycle. But, despite all the errors, this bike for many years holds the first position in the market.


Easy control with a comfortable fit have a convenient daily use of the motorcycle. The type of its engine is air, four-contact, two-valve. The volume is 124 cubic centimeters with a cylinder diameter and a piston stroke of 54.0 x 54.0 millimeters.

The remaining parameters are also no less impressive:

  • Maximum speed: approximately 110 km / h;
  • Lubrication system: oil in the crankcase;
  • Carburetor - VM22 X1;
  • Multi-plate clutch in the oil bath;
  • TDI ignition system;
  • Start system - starter and electric starter;
  • A five-speed continuous transmission system.


The front tire size of this motorcycle is 2.75-18 42P, and the rear tire is 90 / 90-18 51P. The hull has the following dimensions: length 1,980 m, width 0,745 m and height 1,05 meters. The growth of the seat is 780 millimeters with a wheelbase of 1.29 meters.

The minimum ground clearance is one hundred seventy five millimeters. Yamaha YBR 125, whose photo proves its relative compactness, weighs one hundred and six kilograms.


In the course of its evolution, Yamaha YBR 125, whose technical characteristics have also undergone some changes, received an effective braking system. In addition, he changed the carburetor, the claws of the gearbox, as well as wheels on wheels. Other innovations have been introduced, taking into account the requirements of modern ecology. In Russia YBR 125 is considered the most popular malokubaturnym Japanese motorcycle, gained its popularity in the country immediately from the moment it appeared on the market. This happened in 2005, when the very first Yamaha model appeared on domestic roads.


This oversized bike with good characteristics quickly gained popularity thanks to a number of advantages. And the most important of them is its economy. The consumption of gasoline from two liters on the open road and up to four - in urban traffic - not every bike can boast. And if to add to it small dimensions, combined with maneuverability, lightness and minimum excess plastic, the reason for its popularity becomes clear.


Another important indicator that distinguishes the Yamaha YBR 125 is the price. It can be purchased completely new from the dealer, and for quite adequate money. And the availability of spare parts also plays an important role. Although it is fair to admit that the prices for these intermediaries are quite high and not at all commensurate with the cost of a motorcycle. Of course, you can always buy cheap Chinese analogs, but this is not all motorcycle owners.

Comparison of bikes of different generations

Annually Yamaha motorcycles of the latest edition are delivered to Russia, which differ both in the PTS and in their model range. To date, there are already four generations of these bikes: the first and the second practically do not have any tangible differences, while the third and fourth have undergone more drastic changes. Every year Yamaha changes its stickers, releasing new ones. In addition, each subsequent generation is distinguished by its range of colors.

The first model, which appeared in Russia and was produced from 2004 to 2006, proved to be quite good. According to many, this was one of the most successful generations of producers, although there were no "improvements" in it. The model in our country was supplied with a plastic fairing. However, she did not have the best location of the CAT-paw, not very comfortable for people with a large foot size. But this disadvantage more than paid off with a very successful carburetor with a suction lever, although the chamber rubber had not the best indicators of wear and quality.

The second generation Yamaha YBR 125, released from 2006 to 2008, received a new range of colors, although only minor changes were made to it. The motorcycle had a new vacuum carburettor with a suction rod, which, in the course of operation, judging by the feedback of the owners, constantly failed, spontaneously closing. But it was more economical. In addition, bikers have the opportunity, without resorting to the help of tools, to carry out idling speed adjustment.

But the third generation was radically different from the previous two. He had new wheels and a more attractive color scheme. The consumables have also changed somewhat. In Russia, this model began to be delivered only in 2009. New wheel disks - five-spoke radial - look attractive and very modern. Together with the carburetor and the suction lever, other components have also changed: some electronic components have been added, for example, the carburettor is heated.

And the new tubeless rubber struck even those who had seen species of bikers. On a motorcycle of the third generation, when the engine is running, the passing beam is constantly switched on, which is the cost of the European standard.


The motorcycle is very easy to maintain, its not very powerful engine acts like a watch, and the transmission is clear, without any complaints. This is an ideal option for a novice motorcyclist, and indeed for a resident of a large metropolis, who is more important to come to the scene on time, without pomp. The bike perfectly copes with traffic jams and is easily controlled. On country roads, he also does not fail. Riding on it is very effective and comfortable, especially when it installs the minimum set of tuning, including the corrugations on the plug, the protection of the hands, the round headlight, good tires. And if you also adjust the suspension, then it will be impossible to keep up with it.

In general, there are a lot of very different reviews about this motorcycle. Some consider it as a moped, others as a universal bike, and others as a fighter with grueling city traffic jams. But almost all owners are very happy with their "iron horse". The people call Yamaha YBR 125 in kind - just "yubrik", or "yubr-125" - considering it a reliable, modern lightweight device. Even those people who traveled for a relatively short time respond positively to him, saying that this Japanese "horse" will not let you down.

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