Motorcycle with feedback and autorun

Motorcycle - not just a means of transportation, but the most loyal and irreplaceable "iron" friend. The loss of a metal horse is not the most pleasant thing that can happen in a person's life, therefore, in order to avoid its theft, it is desirable to use various methods of protection.

The optimal and most popular option is the motorized signaling with feedback, which protects the vehicle from theft.

Signaling for a motorcycle with feedback

The main difference between automotive systems and systems installed on two-wheeled vehicles is the compactness and small size of the second. This is completely justified, since the motorcycle has very little space for installing alarms.

The next difference is the ability to adjust the built-in tilt sensor with a special control panel.

In addition, the protection of the bike in comparison with the automobile is much more complicated and requires the use of a combination of several means - for example, electronic systems and mechanical locks. In fact, the alarm system alone does not give a 100% guarantee of vehicle safety.

The optimal option for adding to such a system is a special cable that blocks the movement of the rear wheel, which makes hijacking impossible.

In addition, it is advisable to purchase a special pager, which will notify the owner of an attempt to steal an iron horse.

Motorcycle alarm with feedback: equipment

Such anti-theft systems are a block with a speaker, from which four wires run. One of the wires goes to the start / stop button of the device, the second to the antenna, and the remaining two are connected, respectively, to the "plus" and "minus". In the complete set with the alarm system, as a rule, the remote control key ring is supplied. To power the entire system, a battery of 12 V is sufficient.

A qualitative and reliable security system consists of several elements. It includes, in addition to electronic, mechanical protection, presented in the form of a lock or a massive chain to the front brake. The ideal alarm system should have impact, motion and tilt sensors , a pager to send information to the owner of the motorcycle, a siren and block the engine if necessary.

No less important are contact sensors installed on the seat and glove boxes. As their alternative, it is possible to use reed switches designed to signal the protection of apartments.

Since the classic limit switches require fastening with metal clips, it is not possible to place them in a motorcycle. The reed switches are purchased taking into account the fact that when the sensor is activated, all the contacts close at once. Of course, you can purchase standard models, but in this case you will have to install a resistor of 20 kΩ and several diodes for decoupling.

Principle of operation of the motor signal system

As mentioned above, the standard set of the bike's security system includes the device itself, sensors sensitive to movement, shock, key selection and tilt, as well as the remote control keyfob on which alerts come.

The principle of operation of the alarm system is quite simple: if at least one sensor is triggered, the entire circuit is closed, the motor of the motorcycle is blocked and an audible warning is sent to the vehicle owner's console.

Despite the rather high efficiency of security systems, they are not always able to prevent hijacking. In order to certainly prevent theft, the best option will be a motorcycle alarm with feedback.

Advantages of bilateral security systems

In contrast to the models of signaling without feedback, such devices are more efficient and reliable. The range of their impact is somewhat greater, and they react not only to mechanical factors of influence.

Simply put, if a motorcycle tries to hijack or perform any actions with it, the sensors are turned on and the system sends an alarm signal to the keyfob from the owner.

Among the whole variety of security systems for "iron horses" the most effective and reliable is the motorized signaling with feedback. The feedback of the owners of motorcycles using such devices speaks for themselves: they are very convenient, especially if the bike is left not in the garage, but in the yard of the house, for example, they have a low cost - about 2-5 thousand rubles - and the installation is easy to notify About attempts to steal a vehicle and minimize the risk of its theft.

Types of alarms for motorcycles

There are several main types of security systems designed to protect bikes from theft:

  • Motorcycle with feedback. It has a large radius of action. The kit comes with a portable keychain with a display, which shows information about changes in the state of the motorcycle.
  • Motorcycle alarm with feedback and autostart Kawasaki X-Men. A convenient and reliable system that allows to significantly reduce the warm-up time of the vehicle engine, which is especially important in the cold season.
  • GSM-signaling. It is considered one of the most modern and effective means of protection. All information about the state of the motorcycle is transferred to the owner's cell phone. Has a wide functionality. The use is very simple - just charge the device and place it on a motorcycle, having pre-sealed the beacon.

Self-alarm installation

Before starting the installation of the security system, check the battery charge level and the voltage in the electric network of the bike. After the continuity of all wires, the battery is disconnected and the central unit is sealed by means of an insulating tape.

To install the alarm it must be located in a secluded place of the motorcycle and connect the wires to the "plus" and "minus". It is advisable to locate the unit of the device in such a way that it can not be reached without lifting the seat or opening the side panels. After this, the system is wired from the wiring.

In hard-to-reach areas, locks are carried out. You can put them on any chain - both the gasoline pump and the ignition.

The next step is to install an autonomous siren. The whole system is connected to the turn signals, the antenna is placed, behind the radome hides the pager.

Connects the battery. If the motorcycle is not used for a long time, then the wire from the "minus" of the battery should be discarded, so as not to allow its discharge.

Motorcycle alarm with feedback StarLine

Security systems of this brand are considered one of the most reliable and effective anti-theft devices that use interactive code to protect bikes. Excluding the full range of service functions, motorcycle alarm with feedback StarLine V62 has:

  • Dialogue authorization. To protect against hacking, innovative and advanced code is used with 128-bit encryption keys and a method of hopping frequencies. This system is used for the first time and considerably complicates the hacking process. Motorcycles with feedback and autostart apply this code in both the main and secondary key fobs.
  • The Megapolis mode. Increases several times the range of operation and warning system. In addition, in this mode, no radio interference is feared.
  • Staff shock sensor. Motorcycle with feedback and auto start has a two-level shock sensor, instantly fixing the external impact on the bike and sending information to the owner.

Complete with a special immobilizer StarLine, you can create an impregnable and reliable system for protecting the motorcycle from theft.

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