What is a shock sensor

The impact sensor is an indispensable attribute of every security system. A striking example of this is car alarms, which, thanks to him, recognize all actions aimed at the car. The impact sensor is designed to react instantly to impacts on the vehicle. Ideally, this device should have a sufficiently high sensitivity, but at the same time do not give false signals when thunder strikes or from the sound of cars passing by.

Characteristics of reactions

To date, a two-level impact sensor must react differently to different impacts. So, for example, with light exposure, a smart sensor will first warn the thief about its existence by a short signal. If the attacker does not pay attention to it and makes a strong blow, breaking the glass, the alarm will work for one hundred percent, giving signs of alarm. If thieves try to tow the machine, the sensor will immediately react to the movement of the car and notify the owner about it.

What should I do if the impact sensor on Kalina gives a false alarm?

Many owners of domestic cars have ever faced such a situation, when for no apparent reason the alarm system works, which starts to unjustly alarm the car owner. Often this happens in the autumn and spring periods, when there is a strong drop in air temperature. The reason for this behavior of the sensors can be their improper adjustment, namely the increased sensitivity level. Fortunately, you can solve this problem yourself without calling specialists.

How to adjust the shock sensor? Step-by-step process

First you need to find the place where this device was fixed. Discover The location of the sensor can be found in the operating instructions, which comes with the alarm in the kit. In most cases, it is installed under the front panel of the car or secured to the floor, hiding its location by a special panel (as a rule, all sensors are hidden from the human eye).

After the detail of the security system is detected, you need to find on it a special adjusting screw. It depends on how correctly it is set up, the number of false alarms depends. You can control this screw with a conventional cross-head screwdriver, setting the desired alarm sensitivity.

After everything is adjusted, you need to check the operation of the security system. To do this, put your iron friend on the alarm and wait about 1-2 minutes. After that, check how sensitive your sensor is. To do this, you need to hit the center of the windshield with your hand. If the alarm appears at the slightest contact of the palm with the glass, then the sensor needs to be weakened, if, on the contrary, the alarm does not turn on even with strong impacts, the sensitivity should be increased by turning the adjusting screw counterclockwise until an ideal reaction of the sensor On the actions occurring near it.

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