Chevrolet Volt: the perfect European

The process of selling the car under the brand Chevrolet Volt was first launched by Chevrolet Motors in 2001. Then the representatives of the concern claimed that this model is a fundamentally new type of hybrid cars. And this is actually so, since there is an electric drive installed, the difference from which is that the petrol engine of the engine is designed to act as a large generator and has absolutely no connection with the wheels. The main plus of this car is the ability to avoid the release of harmful substances into the atmosphere at a distance of up to 80 kilometers, for which the battery reserve is calculated. This was one of the reasons that often this car is still referred to simply as an electromobile of increased mileage.

Chevrolet Volt boasts good electric motors, the power of which reaches 111 kW, which is very much even for a car. Thanks to this, a bit less than 10 seconds is needed to accelerate it from the site to hundreds of kilometers per hour. At the same time, its maximum speed is 160 km / h. To fully charge the battery from the network takes a little less than four hours. To many advantages of the model should be attributed and the fact that the motor works very quietly, almost soundlessly. The volume of the gasoline engine is 1.8 liters. It is quite enough to overcome the distance of 500 kilometers without refueling. It should be noted that in the case of his work, the Chevrolet Volt battery is recharged on the go. Switching mode, in the case of battery discharge, occurs automatically. The driver and passengers will not even feel this moment.

Now let's talk about the interior of the car. The manufacturer has located a socket for recharging on the right front wing, and the neck of the gas tank is on the left rear. Salon Chevrolet Volt can not be called very roomy, because the rear can accommodate only two passengers. The explanation is quite logical - in the center between them is a tunnel with a battery. Instead, Chevrolet took care of the trunk, which is quite spacious and space-saving. As for the torpedo, there is one large display, replacing numerous instruments and showing all kinds of parameters. In addition to it, another monitor is also provided, the main purpose of which is navigation. To replace the standard and conventional buttons in this model came a small touch screen. It looks very impressive and modern, but it also has its minus - it takes a lot of energy.

Chevrolet Volt behaves on the road quietly, calmly and obediently. The movement of the car is quite smooth. However, here it is necessary to make a reservation that this applies to European roads. On domestic, he, most likely, will show some shortcomings. The main thing is that the bumper of the car is very low, so a serious problem for him will even be a "lying policeman", not to mention a solid pothole. As for the cost of the model, for European consumers it will be 42 thousand euros, and for Russian consumers - 1.5 million rubles. In any case, for this novelty from the company Chevrolet 2013 will be the debut in Russia.

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