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Constantine: the origin of the name and its meaning

Everyone knows that the name of any person has a huge impact on what will happen to him. The theme of our today's article is the meaning of the name Constantine: name and character, name and destiny awaiting the boy with this rather common and very beautiful name. While waiting for the baby, parents study and carefully analyze a huge list of names in order to prevent mistakes and give their child the happiest and best name.

Constantine: the origin of the name and meaning

The name Constantine means in translation from Latin "persistent", "permanent". This name was worn by several early Christian saints, but it became widely known thanks to Constantine I the Great - the emperor who founded the capital of the Roman Empire - Constantinople.

In Russia, Constantine (the origin of the name and its significance we are considering in this article) became very popular after Orthodoxy was accepted. Representatives of the Rurik dynasty for several centuries proudly bore this name. At the moment it is not so popular name, which it was 40-50 years before, but still sometimes occurs.

Character of the child

So, the meaning of the name Konstantin and his fate and character are largely determined by his origin, as we discussed above. A boy with this name is an impressionable, receptive child with an excellent imagination. It is something with him often plays a cruel joke: the boy everywhere there are various fears, he is restless and anxious. At this age, it is very important that the parents listen to Kostya, allow him to share their anxieties and fears, after which they are consistently and calmly dispelled.

Kostya in childhood is a restless and impressionable child. He needs the love and care of his parents, because only they can calm him down, and also give him the confidence that nothing terrible has happened. The boy goes to the kindergarten with battles, is afraid of the dark, anxiety and tears cause him to talk loudly.

Growing up in an environment of parental care and love, Kostya will cope gradually with his feelings of anxiety and anxiety, will become more consistent and balanced.

We continue to consider the meaning of the name Constantine. Both his fate and character contribute to the fact that the boy from early childhood has few friends. The nature of this child is such that in communication he needs not much, he will have 2-3 friends with whom he will spend his time, exchange impressions, play games. Kostya can not be called closed at this, it is rather self-sufficient.

The meaning of the name Constantine for the child is ambiguous. As a teenager, he chooses an ironic tone for communicating with classmates and acquaintances. In his thoughts it is not so easy to penetrate, it is even more difficult to understand where Kostya is, and at what moment he puts on a mask. This guy is even and friendly with almost everyone, while not everyone can call him a friend. Kostya has few real friends, they are all checked by years of relationships.

Sometimes Constantine, the meaning of the name and character of which we consider in this article, can be unnecessarily emotional and quick-tempered, irritated by dishonorable, insincere, narcissistic people. Kostya can be kind, understanding and sympathetic towards those who are sympathetic to him. In his life, all the decisions a man is accustomed to take. He analyzes carefully all the options, measures seven times before cutting off, while he does not regret the choice he made and never looks for guilty in his actions.

Children's character traits

A child to find friends at once is not easy. On contact first he does not hurry, while actively trying to get acquainted with other children is often frightened, refuses to communicate, runs away. For these reasons, the boy prefers to play at home in quiet and quiet games. He loves classes in which he himself devises various stories, filling them with a special meaning. The boy is very interested in various types of designers, the game of transformers, modeling, reading magazines with comics and book-puzzles. He can also give an animal, especially a dog. He can be a responsible host, touching the pet careingly.

A little grown up, the boy still finds friends for himself. He chooses them carefully and for a long time, there are not many of them, and basically with the majority he maintains relations all his life. Constantine - for true friends, a faithful and loyal friend, is ready at any time to come to the rescue.


Adult Constantine (we discussed the origin of the name in the article above) is a complex and sometimes contradictory personality. He makes the outward impression of a confident and calm person who knows exactly the value of things. At the same time Kostya is deeply impulsive and emotional. He rarely shows emotions in public, but left alone with him or in company with his friend, he can express his thoughts and feelings openly and openly.

Friends and Friends

Constantine, whose origin is interesting enough, new acquaintances are not easy, in his contacts he is very discriminating. He may even seem uncommunicative to the surrounding, although he is simply locked in himself, and to be revealed, it is necessary to know a person perfectly. Konstantin has no real friends as before, mostly friends of his childhood - he is connected with them by a long friendship. He will not betray his friends, never fail, they know for sure that he can always be fully counted on. He also relies on them, although he himself rarely asks for help and prefers to solve all problems and issues on his own.

Career and work

In the work of Constantine (the origin of his name is quite interesting), he is persistent, active, ready to implement complex projects that require considerable effort. He is an excellent leader, he can lead people with him. With the staff, this person, rather, behaves like a colleague, and not as a boss. He approaches the case with the arrangement, carefully, analyzing the aspects. It's hard to convince him, he agrees with someone else's opinion infrequently, although he is ready to listen carefully to suggestions and advice. He takes responsibility for his team. If there is a certain problem or a crash occurred, Kostya will not blame other people for failing, he will correct the mistake and understand it on a par with the rest.

His sphere of hobbies is wide enough, but most of all he is interested in areas in which he can fully demonstrate his own intellect, ability to assess the situation, and to reason and make decisions.

He can be:

  • The designer;
  • Engineer-inventor;
  • Director and sales agent;
  • The director;
  • Consultant on management, finance, strategy.

Women and love

In the society of Constantine (the origin of his name is described in the article above) is always confident, even somewhat arrogant, thus producing an indelible impression on women. They really like his apparent inaccessibility, as if disinterested in communication. The young man is impressed when the girls show interest in him, they are looking for attention from him. He himself chooses powerful and powerful women, who need to be long sought. But it often happens that, having achieved the interest of his girl, Kostya loses interest to her.

Constantine, even for the sake of his beloved, is not ready to sacrifice his own business, he will not cancel the pre-planned business meeting. For this person, the profession means a lot, it is to it that it is given completely and inspiringly. Consequently, people with this name are often divorced. They carry them uneasy, although after a certain time they get married once again quite easily. In family affairs, he takes a little bit of participation, does not go into domestic problems, giving his wife the primacy in the family. It also includes making decisions on significant family matters and providing material support.


He loves children, although it is difficult to establish contact with the little ones, he shifts the educational moments to his wife. Much more often he communicates with grown up children, gives them a lot of time, can discuss different topics interesting to the child, and learn lessons. Kostya has a particularly close relationship with his son.

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