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Incredibly useful information - instruction on the use of toilet paper

Surely every person is very concerned about the correct use of the device for cleaning the exit point of processed foods. Simply put, this is toilet paper. White, pink, blue - there is no difference between them, but still, in order not to waste valuable goods, you need to use it correctly.

There are many options for instructions on the use of toilet paper. It's amazing, right? Now you will see one of them. This instruction on the use of toilet paper consists of several items. Or rather - from many.

1. Very carefully read the information given to you by this instruction on the use of toilet paper. Secure it in an easily accessible place that is well illuminated, so that immediate users can easily read it.

2. Place a roll of toilet paper at the level of the user's chest in a horizontal or vertical position.

3. Dispose of digested foods.

4. Make sure that the process is completed successfully and finally (it is important to do so in order to save toilet paper).

5. With your hand, at your discretion, unwind the paper you need, and separate the unwrapped piece from the entire roll.

6. Fold the piece of accordion in your hands, bending it consistently.

7. Transfer the folded paper into the hand most convenient for the further use of toilet paper.

8. Press the received accordion-shaped product to the place where the digestive waste leaves and perform the wiping movements in the area between the buttocks.

9. Place the used product in the area of the best view and make sure that there are no signs of pediculosis or eggs of the worms on it. If any, contact your doctor. If there are no dangerous factors, repeat steps 4 to 8 about four times.

10. Further instruction on the use of toilet paper is strongly recommended by a clean hand to check whether the surface has been cleaned properly (the interannual space must be dry). If you find signs of substandard mopping - repeat points four - eight about four more times.

This instruction on the use of toilet paper also contains some safety measures:

1. Do not smoke in the immediate vicinity of the product.

2. Do not leave your products in public places or in places where you eat food.

3. Protect from children. Remember: toilet paper is not a toy at all, but a hygienic product! And the use of toilet paper is a responsible process!

4. Do not use this product repeatedly.

There is also an analysis of the approximate calculation of the time allotted for being in the toilet. The Ministry of Labor of the Russian Federation for the rational distribution of working time has developed a specific instruction for visiting the toilet during working hours. Separates into a separate chapter of the visit "by and large".

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