Costume Emeli without cost

Morning in the kindergarten after a couple of days, and you still have not thought up a baby outfit? Or does the child play the main role in the school play and urgently need a suit Emely? It's time to include all your creative abilities and get long-forgotten things from the far corner of the chiffonier. Do not delay the idea, if suddenly the pants and shirt were worn. A little diligence and decorative finishes - and the costume will be excellent.

Choose the right things

To begin with, you need to determine the basic things: trousers, shirt, high knee-highs and an old cap, "like grandfather's." The main thing is that all elements are combined in color and create the right mood. Emely's costume is better done with a colorful shirt. In a small flower, for example. Pants can be the most common, both on the belt and on the elastic band. If you did not find a cap, a hat with earflaps that would add comedy to Emely's suit would do. The photos presented in the article demonstrate the bright images of the character, which are created from the most ordinary things. Here an important role is played by a combination of coloring, cut and folk style of clothing.

Shirt Design

Details always set the mood and can radically change the whole image. Styling using small decorative elements will complement the outfit and make it recognizable. Thanks to the details of a simple set of casual clothes will come out an excellent suit Emely. If you did not find a shirt in a small flower, then you can safely use a monophonic. She at once will be transformed, if to sew on it contrasting bright circles. Any absolutely any fabric can go to a course, beginning with a thin nylon and finishing with a textured velvet. To make the circles come out the same size, you need a template of cardboard. The smooth circle is easy to make with the help of a glass. Next, the template is transferred to the fabric and the necessary amount of decorative elements is cut out. If a synthetic cloth is used, the slices can easily be scorched over the candle. This will prevent shedding of threads. Stick "peas" to the shirt can be a double-sided non-woven or glue for textiles. On a single-colored shirt, the trim with embroidery will look great. She can decorate her sleeves and collar.

Image Details

The costume of Emely in illustrations to the fairy tale is always painted with patches on her knees. And to make such a decor is easy. The usual rectangular pieces of fabric are caught in large stitches on the knees of the panties - and everything is ready. To add a twist to the image, you can use golfs. Pants fold folds on the shins and fill in a long sock. The leg from the knee to the ankle can be wrapped with a rope or ribbon and put the ends in the shoes.

On the head any hat: a cap, a fur hat or just a cap with a lapel. It can be decorated with an artificial flower.

Using these simple tips, you can easily make a great suit Emely. The children's outfit will be even more valuable for the child if the child is allowed to take part in the creative process. Cut the mugs, for example, and place them on the shirt. You can also give the child the opportunity to choose the color and the option of decorating his outfit.

The pleasure of working together and the realistic costume of a fairy-tale hero are guaranteed!

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