How to crochet tablecloths and napkins?

The desire to decorate their apartment, to create a cozy nest in it led to the fact that women took up needlework. Products made with love, and even with their own hands, create a unique design in the house. There are many opportunities for such work. One of the attractive ways to create beautiful products is crochet. Tablecloths, napkins, vases - all these wonderful crafts can become not only an ornament for your apartment, but also an excellent gift. And the time you spend for work will be a real rest for you.

If you are a beginner craftsman, before you take up crocheting a tablecloth, master the basic elements on a smaller product.

Most often, the first thing that a beginner takes is a napkin. Its dimensions can be quite small - for example, a podstavochka for a glass. The diameter of such a product does not exceed 8-10 cm.

You can, of course, start with knitting snowflakes, then its size will be even smaller. But this is in order to master the skills and gradually move on to more complex things.

It's easier to make a round product. Starting with the air loops, you gradually tie the center, coming up with patterns and determining the dimensions in the course of the process.

The master who already owns the skills can independently crochet the tablecloth, the circuits do not need it. Patterns are born in her head, and are embodied in reality. But for beginner needlewomen, it is better to use the ready-made scheme.

All products, in fact, are performed in columns. The density of the mating can be adjusted with the help of napkin.

They also impart a lace to the whole product. Now knitting has again become fashionable, so many additional accessories have appeared on the market that can be useful in the process of work.

An interesting option is a combined solution. For example, in the center of the tablecloth have a cloth, and then on the edge of the crocheted crocheted patterns or fringe. You can make a product that will consist of segments, interconnected with crocheted inserts. Tablecloths in this case are more practical and original. Especially if you use a colored cloth while tying with white thread. The use of braid looks very nice in combination with the elements of knitting. This kind of needlework is convenient in that you can use any piece of fabric, decorating it with a delicate cobweb.

A round tablecloth is good if it is covered with the same round table. But we often have ordinary rectangular furniture. It is better to use the product of the corresponding form. To get a rectangular tablecloth, hook the air loops. The number of them is determined by the length or width of the future finished fabric. You can also use a piece of cloth, which should be tied around the perimeter of the patterns. A beautiful tablecloth is obtained if not a whole canvas is used, but pieces of cloth. First, each shred is tied, creating a certain motive, and then connecting them together. This turns out to be a real symphony dedicated to crocheting. Tablecloths made in this way allow you to speed up the whole process of work. What is also sometimes very important, especially if you urgently need to make an unusual and beautiful gift.

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