How to knit a sock-knit hat and crochet

Caps in the form of a sock do not go out of fashion for several years, becoming during this time a part of the youth subculture. This simple and comfortable model is worn not only by guys and girls, but also by adults, and also by babies. Today, we have the opportunity to consider how a sock-cap is made to fit specific examples.

Fashionable youth hat-sock

It is better to knit this model without a seam. To do this we need circular knitting needles on the line or hosiery (set of 5 pieces) and 1 hank of yarn of the favorite shade. First we will link the sample: 20 loops x 10 rows. The size of the resulting canvas will allow you to determine the desired number of loops, so that the cap-toe tightly seated on the head, but did not cause discomfort. As a rule, with an average knot density, this is 120 loops.

Now, when the loops are typed, we evenly distribute them to 4 spokes and start work. The first 2-3 cm should be tied with an elastic band 2x2 or 1x1, then proceed to the main pattern. The optimal pattern for the cap will be the alternation of strips from the front and back rows, allowing the product to easily take any shape. The first 5 rows we knit by purl, the next 5 rows - face loops. At will, you can make the strip wider or narrower, and also knit with different colors of color from two tangles alternately. Once the cap has reached the desired length, we begin to remove the loops. To make the constriction uniform and imperceptible, bind 2 loops x 12 times in the first and last rows of the wrong strip. When there are 12 loops left on the knitting needles, remove them on a strong thread and tie it with a knot from the wrong side of the work. Our sock cap is ready, it must be washed or wet and slightly pulled out. To the dried cap you can sew a pompon, a brush, you can attach a decorative pin from the side.

Crochet-cap crochet - it's easy!

Crocheted, a sock-cap has a more dense structure, so it is desirable to knit it with columns with a crochet, more loose than a simple column. We begin work with a chain of the necessary length, closed in a ring. At the beginning of each row, make 2 lifting loops, then with columns with a crochet or other loose pattern to your taste, knit the series to the end. Very well looks cap-toe in bright stripes. For such a product, the remnants of threads of different shades, but of the same composition and thickness, are suitable. The product is narrowed by tying two bars and closing them together, evenly reducing the width. When there are 3-5 loops left, we cut the thread length of 10 cm, let it pass through the last loop, so that the web does not bloom, and we pull the loops from the wrong side. The end of the thread is fixed with two stitches, cut off. A ready-made cap should be wetted, give it the right shape.

Often, after knitting large or multicolored patterns, knitters are left with coils of yarn that are too small for large-scale work.

It is the caps in the form of a sock that are suitable for the use of such residues.

Two hundred grams of thread, the same in structure, enough to tie a scarf and cap in the style of Missoni.

Funny stripes can be of different widths and even different patterns, but do not abuse the contrasting colors, limit the yarn to 3-5 shades.

Good luck with your work!

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