Crafts from leaves: decorating a house with children

Autumn time is a magical time of the year when creative people literally gush forth with an inexhaustible imagination and a desire to create something new. Probably, the atmosphere itself is the main spiritual mentor. The air is saturated with something special. Why not feel like a creator? Well, at least within your own monastery. As a rule, it is in the fall to the children in the primary school classes that teachers are invited to use natural materials in their work . Crafts made of leaves are an excellent opportunity to give a fading nature a second life. And this process is very exciting. Join your child and you will find a lot of original ideas for the decor of the apartment.

Let's start, perhaps, with the simplest. Fallen leaves will be an excellent material for a funny picture with a simple plot. Birds, small fishes, little animals ... Variants weight. It is enough to look at a new look at what lies beneath your feet. Very often, children create crafts made of leaves, which in their form resemble chicken, turkey or peacock. In fact, such a spectacular picture is quite simple. On a piece of paper or colored cardboard (it is better to use the latter option, so that it can be safely hung on the wall), the leaves are carefully pasted in several layers, starting with the largest one. Do this so that only the lower part sticks to the base. Then the "tail" of the bird will turn out to be magnificent and very beautiful. As a trunk, half a cone may protrude. It only remains to add a beak, paws and eyes.

Crafts made from tree leaves can also serve as useful household items. In order for you to have a charming vase in your autumn theme, take as a basis, say, a round bowl. Very often an inflatable ball is used for this purpose. But in this case, the vase will not have a stable base, which will have to be created separately and then glued to the rest of the billet. Crafts made of leaves of this category are already more complex. But the result exceeds all expectations. Apply a thick layer of the leaves on the base, carefully gluing them with glue. Do not spare the sticky liquid. Only then the vase will last for a long time and will not be unstuck at the time of use. This technique is somewhat like papier-mache. To make the finished product durable and aesthetic on all sides, the inner surface of the vase is also covered with leaves. Such crafts made of leaves are able to store something not too heavy. For example, car keys, credit cards or other small items.

The most original look is crafts made from dried leaves, made in the form of bouquets. The material for them should look good. Observe the combination of colors and pick up the leaves according to their hue. Be sure to add in your autumn bouquet of juicy scarlet berries, twisted vines and small bumps. The edges of all components can be slightly sprinkled with gold or silver paint. Use a spray for this purpose. Such a bouquet will be the best decoration of the room and will set all family members to a romantic autumnal mood.

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