Designer things for your home and garden

Are you looking for new ideas for arranging a house or a holiday home? Do you like to make interior details yourself? You can do various design things by yourself. They are made of simple materials. Technologies are also available for understanding. Take ideas! Incarnate them in the garden or apartment.

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With your own hands, you can decorate both the house and the territory around it. This allows you to create a unique style and harmony for life and, in particular, rest. Professionals in the field of creative activity constantly generate new ideas, which they later embody in the material. Often objects are so original and unusual that they attract everyone's attention. In order not to spend money on the work of specialists, you can decorate the interior of your house and garden yourself.

With your hands, you can make a wide variety and original things for both the apartment and the suburban area. Without special investments, it is easy to transform the space around you, making it not only harmonious and appropriate to your notions of comfort, but also individual, unlike that of friends or neighbors.

Working with stencils

Manual work in interior decoration is actual. Walls, ceiling, furniture, textiles are supplemented with all sorts of drawings, patterns, ornaments. Original design tricks with their own hands are easy to make with the help of stencils. They are bought or also carried out independently, carving from a film, a cardboard or a paper.

The stencil is made with monochrome images on the walls with the help of bright tints or, on the contrary, they paint the wall in some shade, and the pattern is left white. In the second case, the glow effect of the ornament is created. Work with plaster (ordinary or decorative), filling it with stencil holes. So you get not just a picture, but an interesting textured surface pattern.

With the help of stencils create images on mirrors, glasses, furniture, doors and any other elements of the interior. Even an inexperienced artist-designer will cope with such a task. This is a significant advantage of the stencils. Made with their help designer pieces with their own hands look very impressive and professional.

Decorative inscriptions

Now the voluminous letters that are used in the interior as an ornament and additional romantic illumination are gaining popularity. These designer pieces with their own hands are easy to make. You need to do the following:

  1. Take the paper, cardboard, plastic and draw on them the outlines of the text. If the volume of letters you create is not due to the thickness of the material, the objects will be hollow, made in the form of "boxes", then you will need a lateral surface.
  2. Cut out all the elements.
  3. You paste parts of the letters and decorate them. These two actions are performed in the order in which you are comfortable. Decorative objects are covered with a cloth, decorate with beads.
  4. If a semi-transparent material was used as the basis, you can mount the backlight in the decoration (the easiest way to do this is using the usual New Year's garland of flashlights).

Stained-glass windows, panels

To complement any interior and even exterior will be the products made in the technique of painting on glass, mosaics. So, they make colored inserts for furniture, doors, windows, decorate lamps, walls, ceiling. In the technique of painting on the fabric make a panel for any premises. All this is available for the performance of a non-professional.

Kitchen Decor

Most of the time, women spend in this room, so they always try to equip the interior not only as comfortable as possible, but also cozy, stylish, beautiful. You can make designer things yourself with the help of the kitchen. For example:

  • Knit or crocheted decorative covers on stools, containers, cups. Such collections you can have several (New Year's winter theme, spring floral, summer fruit and vegetable, etc.).

  • Sew beautiful curtains and decorate them.
  • Run a mosaic on the wall near the sink.
  • Make a stylish lampshade for the lamp.
  • Sew the textile dolls in the form of a cook, matryoshka. They can serve as a decoration or be a heating pad for a kettle.

Ornaments for the garden

Now the fashionable and modern hobby - landscape design is gaining popularity. Many seek to create a paradise for recreation on their own site. Look at what can be done design things for the garden.

It is very simple to perform decorative products from gypsum or assembly foam (sculptures, balls, lamps). Work with construction foam should be very carefully, since it can have an adverse effect on the skin of the hands, as well as poorly washed from any surfaces. In this respect, to do designer things with your own hands for a garden is easier from gypsum. Independently in the garden you can lay out paths, organize a recreation area near the pond, build an arbor, original swings, garden furniture, lighting, a dry stream.

Designer tricks with their own hands: a master class

To make original sculptures, balls, tiles or other similar decor for the garden, you will need the following:

  • Gypsum, alabaster, cement mixture;
  • water;
  • A container and a stirring rod;
  • Mold for pouring;
  • Decorative elements (pieces of colored glass, mirrors, ceramic tiles);
  • Finish waterproof coating (acrylic paint for outdoor use or clear varnish).

The manufacturing process is as follows:

  1. Mix gypsum with water until the consistency of sour cream.
  2. Pour into the prepared form. For tiles or sculptures, wire reinforcement or a frame may be required, which is installed prior to filling with the slurry.
  3. After full hardening (for gypsum - from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the size of the object), remove the product from the mold and decorate it, gluing colored mosaic or other ornaments. You can install them directly in liquid gypsum, if there is such a possibility, and this will not complicate the technology.
  4. Cover the surface with a clear varnish.

Your stylish decoration is ready to take its place in the garden.

So, you learned how to make beautiful original things for your house and garden with your own hands. All this is easily done from affordable and inexpensive materials. It remains for you to take the idea and implement it for yourself.

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