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Samara labor market: main trends

Samara is the central city of the Volga region, the ninth largest city in Russia. It is considered one of the largest economic, transport, educational, cultural centers of the region.

The key activity of the city is the industry, in which the most developed areas of machine building, oil refining and food industry.

The most popular professions

According to the website, the largest number of ads for open vacancies falls on the service sector: the specialty of hairdressers, sales consultants are in high demand. As a large sector, which has "hot" vacancies, is trade and purchases, a large number of ads can be found in the specialty of managers: in procurement, in working with clients.

No less popular are working specialties: systems engineering, turners, and also vacancies in the field of medical services

In Samara, a large number of industrial enterprises are located, where there is a constant shortage of workers such as turners, milling machines, adjusters, design engineers and technologists.
For 2015, there is an increasing demand for remote work, which opens up new opportunities for students and mothers on maternity leave.

In general, Samara's labor market is characterized by a decrease in the number of job advertisements, which is associated with a general negative picture in the region's economy.

An important trend of the Samara labor market is an increase in demand for specialties in the field of agriculture, construction sites. Work in Samara differs heterogeneity of offers, is characterized by increased demand for specialties of working nature, managing personnel and sales.

Demand vacancy fluctuation

The Samara labor market is characterized by seasonal fluctuations in the number of open vacancies. If we trace the dynamics of the appearance of vacancies, then it is easy to notice approximately equal indicators of proposals from employers in January and March, with an indicator of 19,000 ads. February, April and May are characterized by a drop in demand for new specialists. Traditionally, the "hot" began the summer months, but closer to the fall again there is a decline - the indicators were reduced to 8,000 pieces of ads.

In January 2016, employers published 14,049 vacancies, which significantly revived the labor market, but falls short of the figures for January last year.

Salary indicators

Those who want to earn a lot in Samara should look for work in real estate and top management, since it is these areas that account for the highest salaries: 56,000 and 48,000 rubles. The average salary at the level of 37,000 rubles is offered in the field of record keeping and financial institutions.

The highest salary in the Samara region was in December 2015 with an indicator of 28405 rubles, and the lowest figure was in July - 24367 rubles. If you examine the statistics, the months when the largest number of vacancies appear are the least profitable. In January, employers are ready to offer 30 664 rubles.

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