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Vsevolozhsk, sights: list, description, history, interesting facts and reviews

Not everyone can go on holiday in the summer at sea. An increasing number of people today prefer to stay at home, fearing, perhaps, a lot of money. However, contrary to the general misconception, you can be a budget tourist, while getting a lot of impressions, learning a lot of interesting things. To do this, it is sufficient to choose for travel some small town, in which there is something to see.

Pay attention to the sights of Vsevolozhsk. All of them are unique, that's why they are so attractive for many tourists. It's just that not everyone knows about this place yet, because there is a large city of St. Petersburg nearby, which is more popular. However, this does not mean that Vsevolozhsk will not please you. Sights here are very interesting, nature is beautiful, and prices are moderate. So this is one of the best places to discover something new. Feel free to go on the road and choose for yourself only what you really like. Then, after returning home, you will remember this trip for a long time, full of wonderful impressions.

"The road of life"

Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind at the word "attraction" is the museums. There are many in Vsevolozhsk. Most of them are required to visit, if you want to not just visit the new city, but spend time with benefit for yourself and learn a lot of new things. The first museum, worthy of attention, is called "The Road of Life". Here you can see samples of military equipment and weapons of the Great Patriotic War and not only. As exhibits are also old photographs and documents. Five halls of this museum can tell a lot about the difficult time for our country, when the victory was most important. The attraction is part of the "Green Belt of Glory", along with other memorials and museums of the city. The people who visited there note that in the "Road of Life" unique exhibits are presented, nowhere they have seen anything like this.

Museum-estate "Priyutino"

What other interesting sights of Vsevolozhsk Leningrad region? For example, the museum-estate "Priyutino". Modernity today is literally all, but in fact it is so desirable sometimes for a moment to move back two centuries and find out what was usual for Onegin or Kirsanovs.

Feel what it is - a noble life? We can hardly imagine it, living in apartment buildings. Therefore it is worth to visit Vsevolozhsk literary and art museum-estate "Priyutino". Once there lived one of the famous artists - AN Olenin. The museum is interesting not only because it clearly demonstrates the true way of life of that time, most of the exposition in it is dedicated to the great writers and literary figures who have ever stayed at this mansion. The list of those who were a guest of Olenin is simply huge. It should be noted that among those you can meet Alexander Pushkin, Ivan Krylov and not only. Although it is more interesting to learn about all this, having come to the museum, especially since those travelers who have already visited there share a lot of impressions from what they saw.

Cat Museum: description and opinion of visitors

What a wonderful city Vsevolozhsk! The sights here are quite different.

For example, in Vsevolozhsk there is the only regular Russian cat museum. In no other corner of our country you will find anything like this. Therefore, visit this place without hesitation. Here you can find literally everything with cat attributes or just something related to them. These are costumes, posters, posters and, of course, the animals themselves.

In total, the museum has combined so many species of cats that it is simply impossible to remember the name of each, just as you can consider them. Naturally, all cat history, the process of domestication, and a description of the habits and habits of each breed are also presented.

This attracts visitors who, after visiting the museum, happily share their impressions and knowledge with others.

"Broken Ring"

But not only museums are a list of the best attractions in Vsevolozhsk. Many in this place are beautiful lakes and magical landscapes. But this is also not the most important thing. But the monuments and memorials are precisely those objects that are of interest to the tourist. In the Leningrad region you can find a huge number of monuments dedicated to the Great Patriotic War, for example, "Broken Ring" in Vsevolozhsk. He, just like the museum "The Road of Life", is included in the "Green Belt of Glory", is only forty kilometers away from it. Annually this memorial becomes the start for the races at different distances, which are also named "Dear life". Externally, the monument represents two arches, torn in the middle. It is a symbol of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad. This event should be remembered not only by the citizens of St. Petersburg, but also by all Russians. So be sure to visit this place.

Rumbolovo Mountain

In fact, many sights in Vsevolozhsk belong to the "Green Belt of Glory", and this, of course, is not accidental. Through most of them passes the route of the winter international race "Road of Life". In addition to the museum of the same name and the "Broken Ring", the "Rumbolovskaya Gora" memorial also belongs to such a museum. Built almost in the middle of the last century, it is extremely well entered in the park, it is noted by all those who visited this landmark.

Temple of the Savior Not Made by Hands

In addition to memorials and museums, there is something that Vsevolozhsk can surprise you with. Sights, which are also worth paying attention to - are temples. Religion has always been an important part of Russian life. In addition, each church is a unique architectural ensemble that will not meet anywhere more precisely. So if you are going to the city of Vsevolozhsk (Leningrad region), plan the trip especially carefully and visit one of the temples.

For example, the temple of the Savior of the Holy Face on the "Road of Life". It is located near other sights, which means that it is not necessary to change your plans in order to get there. This place is interesting for its history. After all, not so long ago there was an estate of the Vsevolozhsky family. And the temple arose here only at the beginning of the last century. Like many other churches, the Church of the Savior of the Holy Face in the Soviet years was devastated and closed to believers. Only in the run-up to the 1990s did he again open his doors to the Orthodox. Since then it is an active church, parishioners are happy to return here, just like tourists. As everyone who saw this temple says, it is impossible to convey in words its splendor, this structure looks so beautiful and organic.

Bogoslovka Manor: description and opinion of tourists

This landmark will require a separate section. Its location is not entirely convenient. So it takes a certain amount of time to get to it.

We are talking about the park complex "Usadba Bogoslovka", located in the Vsevolozhsky district. The park consists of several wooden buildings, which show all the greatness of Russian architects. The beauty of the buildings is so amazing to everyone who visits this place, that people are ready to return again and again. Not only architecture, but also pictures of nature, they say, look simply amazing.

In this complex you will find a functioning church, a fortress and an ethnographic park, you will get a lot of pleasant impressions from what you saw and you will definitely understand those who praise this place.

Unique nature

Whatever program you have planned for yourself, you can be sure that Vsevolozhsk, the sights of which we have been considering, will surprise you no less than any large city in Russia. Everyone here will find something for themselves, something that is close to the heart. In addition to museums, memorials and temples in these places is insanely beautiful nature, which you are unlikely to meet anywhere else. It simply amazes the variety of colors that Vsevolozhsk is rich in. The sights listed in the article play an important role in this, but they are only a part of all that is so amazing in the city. For this reason, almost everyone who has ever been here wants to come back here again.


Of course, all the sights of Vsevolozhsk can not be seen for one trip. Therefore, before you go here, in advance, consider the list of places you want to visit. It's sad to go home without memories and impressions. Therefore, be more active and allow yourself to be surprised. Then you just can not remain indifferent to this city, which is not at all like the stuffy modern megacities, and this has its own charm. All this gives peace, which is so lacking urban residents. Therefore, be sure to go to the city of Vsevolozhsk and get ready for the fact that you will find many interesting things.

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