Tablet batteries: Replacement and causes of malfunctions

Batteries for tablets do not change very often, and there are few reasons for this. In most cases, the owner changes the battery in order to increase the battery life of the device or due to the breakdown of the energy element itself.

Consider the most frequent reasons why users buy and change to new batteries for the tablet. It will be about ordinary mobile gadgets, with the exception of newfangled aipads and other heavily opened flagship devices, which are serviced only in service shops.

Reasons for replacing the battery for the tablet:

  • Full or partial failure of the battery (as a rule, due to voltage drops);
  • Mechanical damage to the element;
  • Insufficient battery life;
  • Natural wear and tear on the battery.

The most relevant reason is when the element is partially or completely out of order. It is then that the owner has to replace the battery. For the tablet there are many types of batteries, but the user does not need to have any specific skills in mechanics or electronics to perform this procedure.

We check the operation of the battery

First of all, it is not superfluous to verify that the element does not really work. The most accurate diagnosis in this case is a special tester, but if it was not at hand, it would be convenient to check by usual methods.

Symptoms of battery failures:

  • The gadget does not charge even with a good memory and normal connectors (many tablets suffer from this);
  • Battery charging takes longer than usual;
  • The device is too quickly recharged and just as quickly sits down;
  • Incorrect indication of the remaining charge;
  • The gadget does not turn on.

Separately, it is worth mentioning one more symptom, which is very often found in devices on the OS "Android".

Problems with the availability of batteries

There are often cases when the battery is not at fault for the inoperability of the tablet. Sometimes the gadget simply "does not see" the battery. This question is especially relevant for the Nexus line running the Android platform, although the apple devices sometimes fall into such a defect.

There is this for one simple reason: the device went into sleep mode, and the battery of the tablet slowly melted while it "slept." And no matter how long the gadget is not recharged, it can not turn on anyway. This symptom is sometimes indicated by flickering pixels or the entire screen at the time the device connects to the charger.

Solve the problem

In this case, it is not necessary to buy new batteries for the tablet, of course, it is enough to perform a "coarse reset". Almost in any operating manual, you can find a combination of keys that is responsible for a similar start to the gadget.

If these instructions were not found, you can see a detailed manual on the site of the device manufacturer. Typically, this is a simple combination: hold the volume rocker up and hold the power button for 10-15 seconds. Then, after the start menu appears, select the item "Power off Device". Then you need to connect the gadget to the charging and after 5-10 minutes try to turn it on. All should earn.

Battery Replacement

Here the main thing is to find out what kind of battery your tablet needs. It should be noted right away that prejudices like "AKB should be similar to the original" - this is nonsense. You can install absolutely any element on your device, but of course, with certain reservations. The main parameters that should be strictly observed in our case is the voltage of the battery and sometimes its exact dimensions.

For this kind of devices, you can count only two standards for voltage:

  • 3.7 V - for 5-volt network operators;
  • 7.4 V - for 9/12-volt devices.

Also note that the higher the mAh (milliamper-hour), the longer your device will work. Some manufacturers use a parallel connection of several batteries for a higher level of autonomy (very often found in the Sony models).

What's under the lid

Almost in all tablets the display controller is built into the battery itself, with a few exceptions it can be located on the device itself (in older gadget models). It is almost impossible to mix up the wires: black / white is a minus, and red is a plus. A blue or green outline is used to exit the connector. In very rare cases, the device is equipped with two "pluses", and it was noticed only in exclusive products from Apple and Sony.

Be that as it may, all the subtleties of the distribution of the poles are indicated in the technical manual, which, as already mentioned above, can easily be found on the official website of the manufacturer of your device, if one was not included.

As for the actual dismantling of the lid, in most cases both parts of the gadget are fixed with double-sided tape, and only rare flagship models are equipped with ornate fasteners or special laths for disassembly.

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