Pathology of speech and neurorehabilitation center, Moscow. Description, services and reviews

The Center for Pathology of Speech and Neurorehabilitation is a state institution in the system of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. The clinic carries out activities aimed at studying and treating higher mental functions since 1968. Adults and children with pathologies of speech, craniocerebral trauma, stroke, violent actions, operations, etc. are accepted for treatment.


For the rehabilitation and treatment of patients with mental health problems, the clinic of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation was opened. The Center carries out activities not only within its hospital, but also implements organizational work for treatment and prevention institutions of various types in the city of Moscow.

The accumulated experience and scientific activity allowed the clinic to develop specialized programs for neurorehabilitation of patients with such pathologies as:

  • Stroke and its consequences.
  • Injuries of the cerebral cortex of varying degrees of complexity.
  • Neuroinfections.
  • Diseases of the larynx, voice disorders.
  • Stammering and other speech disorders.
  • Underdevelopment of speech functions in children (dysgraphia, stammering, etc.).
  • The consequences of stroke, neuroinfections, trauma in children.

The main principles of practical application of treatment methods are:

  • Early rehabilitation.
  • Continuity of medical measures.
  • The intensity of the measures applied.
  • Sufficient process duration (up to 90 days).
  • Complex application of rehabilitation measures at each stage of rehabilitation treatment.
  • Diagnosis (clinical, neuropsychological).
  • Constant monitoring of the patient's condition in all manifestations (somatic, neurology, psychiatry, psychology).
  • Monitoring the appropriateness of measures taken.
  • Involvement of relatives (family, friends) in the process of rehabilitation of the patient.
  • Support of the patient at each stage, assistance in solving social, psychological, adaptive, domestic, labor problems.

Help to patients living in Moscow, is on a budgetary basis.

Indications and contraindications

Many diseases require treatment of the resulting pathology of speech and neurorehabilitation. The center accepts patients on the following indications:

  • Violations of speech and speech communication (logoneurosis).
  • The disorder of mental functions, burdened by violations of motor functions (or without them) was a consequence of a stroke, head trauma, oncology, infectious and other brain damage.

Contraindications to rendering assistance in the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation (Moscow) are:

  • Diseases in a chronic or acute form, the treatment of which requires a specialized approach.
  • Infectious diseases (infectious, skin, venereal).
  • Diseases of the central nervous system (hereditary, degenerative).
  • Oncology.
  • Mental diseases (dementia, alcoholism, drug addiction, epilepsy with frequent seizures, etc.).
  • Violations of motor functions, excluding the possibility of self-service and movement on their own.
  • Disturbances of hearing and speech to the extent that it does not allow for pedagogical work with the patient.


The structure of the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation includes the following departments:

  • Polyclinic
  • Department for adult patients with cerebral lesions.
  • Five daily hospitals.
  • Children's department.
  • Complex of diagnostic departments (MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, functional diagnostics, laboratory department).
  • Daytime hospital stay.
  • Specialized departments (optotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, ergotherapy, reflexology, physiotherapy, etc.).
  • Hospital at home.
  • Medical psychology.

Consultative polyclinic

Doctors of the outpatient and polyclinic department of the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation (Moscow) conduct an initial reception of patients, which determine which form of care will be useful - specialized inpatient, outpatient, etc. The primary reception is comprehensive and is conducted in cooperation with doctors of related specialties - Neurologist, psychiatrist, dermatologist, defectologist, neuropsychologist, etc. To specify the diagnosis, additional tests are prescribed.

The final verdict is made by the selection commission of the clinic of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation. The center takes the patient to a specialized department where a set of necessary medical procedures is carried out, in which specialists from other areas of medicine are involved. For each patient, a personal program is formed, including medication, physiotherapy procedures.

Goals and objectives

The main tasks of the polyclinic are:

  • Examination and counseling of patients.
  • Statement of the diagnosis and degree of defeat of speech functions.
  • Assessment of the patient's condition (psycho-neurological, somatic), determination of indications and contra-indications of the stay of the clinic for pathology of speech and neurorehabilitation. The center accepts patients for treatment without contraindications.
  • Doctors of the outpatient consultation clinic prepare justifications and documents for the selection committee.

Documents required for examination in a polyclinic:

  • Passport, SNILS, MHI policy.
  • Direction of the attending precinct physician from the polyclinic (hospital, other medical institutions where the patient underwent treatment or examination).
  • The results of the analyzes and surveys (images in the original).

Free residents of Moscow receive treatment. Nonresident patients pay for treatment at a commercial cost or are served free of charge in the direction of the Moscow City Health Department. Background information and entry to the reception are held in the registry by phone 698 04 14.

Hospital treatment

The inpatient department under the supervision of specialists around the clock, is designed for the stay of 230 adults and 25 children (including accompanied by the mother). The department of the day hospital serves 120 people daily, treatment under the program "Hospital at home" is designed for 100 people. Each patient can count on a full course of treatment of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation.

The Center develops personal programs for patient recovery and treatment. The complex of measures includes individual or group sessions with a psychologist, occupational therapy, massage, exercise therapy. At each stage, test analyzes are carried out (clinical, EEG, ECG, ultrasound, etc.). The course of treatment is from 45 to 90 days with the possibility of further extension.

Center of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation at Taganka places patients in six daily hospitals, one of which is designed for children. For the stay of patients, wards with different capacities from one to six people are equipped.

Day hospital

The day hospital provides treatment for patients with neurotrauma, the consequences of cerebral infarction. Visits to the procedures are stipulated for each patient individually according to the indications of a physical condition and make up at least 2 visits per week. The main condition of the service is the possibility of an independent movement of the patient through the city and the arrival at the clinic of the pathology of speech and neurorehabilitation.

The center, within the framework of day hospital treatment, provides patients with:

  • Two meals a day.
  • Drug treatment.
  • Logopedic classes (group, individual).
  • LFK, massage, physiotherapy.
  • Labor therapy, reflexology, etc.

The reception is conducted by specialists with extensive experience and high qualification in the following areas: neurology, psychology, psychiatry, defectology, dermatology, etc.

The day hospital department for treatment of patients with logoneuroses performs a set of procedures for 90 days, 45 days of which are carried out in a day hospital and 45 days of treatment in closed outpatient groups (3 times a week).

The complex of activities includes individual and group sessions with a psychologist, hydrotherapy, medications, acupuncture, etc. At the stage of diagnosis, the specialist records the degree of abnormalities and at the discharge makes individual recommendations for further rehabilitation at home.

Children's department

The Moscow Center for Pathology and Neurorehabilitation provides medical and psychological assistance to children and adolescents with severe speech disorders, including stuttering, dysgraphy, delayed speech development, the consequences of birth trauma, CNS injuries, the consequences of craniocerebral trauma, heart attacks and strokes. The target audience of the department are children from 3 to 15 years.

The structure of the children's department includes:

  • Ambulatory (capacity - up to 250 visits per day).
  • Hospital (24-hour observation and treatment for children from 2 to 15 years with the consequences of neuroinfections, brain injuries, local CNS lesions, stroke). Length of stay in the hospital up to 90 days.
  • Day hospital (for children with stuttering)

For each child, a separate program for the treatment of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation is being developed. The center conducts dynamic monitoring of each small patient, after the course is offered preventive treatment under the supervision of specialists. Phone of the children's department - 698 04 15.

Hospital at home

A special form of helping patients at home, requiring treatment of speech pathology and neurorehabilitation. The center provides such a form of treatment for patients suffering from the consequences of a stroke, and for those who are limited in the ability to move. A home-based hospital is available to patients with brain tumors, CNS injuries, discharged from the inpatient department of the Center for Treatment and Treatment and patients whose condition does not allow receiving treatment for other forms of care.

The patient is included in the program by the selection committee, after the initial admission in the outpatient department. The complex of rehabilitation programs includes:

  • Examination by specialized specialists (neurologist, therapist).
  • Up to 40 sessions with a speech therapist.
  • Consultations and examinations of a neuropsychologist (family counseling is possible).
  • As a result of the examination, the neuropsychologist may be assigned additional tests by specialists from related fields (speech therapist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, oculist, etc.).


A lot of positive reviews were left by patients who underwent a stroke recovery at the Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation. They say that they did not expect to get an improvement in their condition, many had partial paralysis of one side of the body, indistinct speech and depression. After the course of procedures, the situation improved significantly, and progress in the condition became noticeable. Some have recovered completely, and someone has to undergo a second course of treatment.

Moms of young children claim that the Center received a full consultation, a specified diagnosis, and the prescribed treatment helped the children begin to talk normally and show interest in knowing the world.

Negative reviews are dedicated to some doctors who were not attentive at the reception and therefore could not deliver an accurate diagnosis and, as a result, the patient did not receive adequate treatment. Also, there were remarks that it is very difficult to get to treatment in the Moscow Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation, since the queue is painted for years ahead. Some talk about the small load of the children's department, where, nevertheless, they do not accept patients,


The Center for Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation of Shklovsky is located in Moscow at the address: Nikolayskaya Street, 20, building 1 (Taganskaya metro station). The registration of the office for adults is open from Monday to Friday, working hours - from 09:00 to 19:00, telephone - 598 04 14.

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