Can I drink water before giving blood: the opinion and advice of doctors, as well as other recommendations for patients on the analysis

There is no such person who never in a life would hand over a blood from a finger or from a vein. To prevent disease or just to assess the general condition of the body, it is recommended to do it regularly. That's why you need to get acquainted with the advice on giving blood. If you follow these simple recommendations, you will get the most reliable test results. Everyone knows that it is necessary to donate blood early in the morning, in the interval from 8 to 9 hours. And do it better on an empty stomach, which means that 8 hours before the analysis must definitely refrain from eating. But many are concerned about the question of whether it is possible to drink water before donating blood?

To drink or not to drink ...

The answer to the question depends on what kind of analysis you are going to be carrying out, since some requirements for blood donation are considered the same in most laboratory studies, and in some cases, options are possible, it depends on the specific case. So, the "hungry stomach" is taking blood for biochemical analysis, for HIV and AIDS, for hormonal reactions and some others. At this time, you can not drink carbonated drinks, which contain sugar or its substitute, tea or coffee drinks. But on the question of whether it is possible to drink water before donating blood in case you need to take the above tests, the experts respond positively. Unacceptable drinking water does not affect the results of such studies.

What is not recommended to do on the eve of blood donation?

Experts advise a couple of days before the proposed blood test to review their diet and exclude from it fried and fatty foods, spicy foods, sauces and seasonings, and of course, do not consume alcoholic beverages. In the event that there was a reason, and the person still used such products, then the analysis should be postponed for a couple of days, since the result in this case may be unreliable. Half an hour before the laboratory test it is prohibited to smoke, but you can drink water before donating blood.

When is the analysis taken from the vein?

Tips for taking analysis from the vein are somewhat more complex than from the finger. But to observe them, of course, is necessary, because only then can you count on a truthful outcome. On the eve of collecting blood it is desirable to eliminate from the daily routine of loading, sports training, to avoid a surge of emotions and nervous tension. And specifically on the eve of the very collection of blood you just have to sit and achieve a state of rest. From this, breathing will return to normal and will not affect the result. If a person who is going to donate blood is treated with medicines, then before the analysis he is obliged to tell the doctor about everything. Because when mixing many drugs with blood particles in the human body, a reaction occurs, and this can distort the results of the study. In this case, the blood from the vein must be taken either before the start of therapy, or after its termination.

What to do before giving blood: requirements when passing the most common tests

When blood is taken for hormonal examinations, patients need to strictly follow all the doctor's recommendations. This applies to both men and women. For example, the number and quality of hormones in women is greatly influenced by the day of the cycle. Before these tests, it is also desirable to remove from the diet acute and fried foods, spices, alcohol. Can I drink water before giving blood to hormones? You can, for simple water the ban does not apply.

If you donate blood for infections, be prepared for the fact that you may need to repeat this study to recheck the result. That is, after a while you may be asked to undergo an analysis again. If you still have doubts about whether you can drink water before donating blood, then it is better to clarify this by your local doctor who writes directions for tests, or in the laboratory where you are going to undergo the examination. And in the event that there is no way to clarify this point, it is worth remembering that before donating blood you can not eat for 8 hours. A simple water, if possible, use at a minimum.

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