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Long-haired collie: a description of the breed, the nature of the dog, photo

The long-haired collie is one of the most beautiful and popular breeds of dogs. They are also called Scottish Shepherds. These are good and kind dogs, which are popular with many people, especially children. In this article we will review the history of this breed. The character of the dogs, their exterior and much more will also be described.

History of the Scottish Shepherd

Collies have always been considered service dogs. Although it is called a Scottish sheepdog, 400 years ago it was brought from Iceland to Scotland. Therefore, by right the breed should be called Icelandic.

Even earlier the long-haired collie was needed in order to protect the herd. And indeed, these dogs did a very good job. Therefore, to date, many parents are not afraid to entrust their child to a collie, especially if she is trained.

In 1860, the fate of the Scottish Shepherds changed. From England, Queen Victoria went on a journey. When she was in Scotland, she noticed a collie there, which was very beautiful and noble in appearance. Already the queen returned home with several sheepdogs.

Everyone in the royal residence loved this breed. Moreover, the excellent qualities of the collie were noted: the mind, kindness, tenderness, delicacy, good upbringing. To this day, the collie has many admirers from young children to old people.

The long-haired collie became more popular after the famous, interesting film called "Lassie" was released. Then they released a series where they showed a collie not only educated, but also devoted to the owner. By the way, it is worth noting that in the movie the dog was not idealized, but showed how it really is.

Collie: description and color

The Scottish Shepherd fell in love with people all over the world. Dogs are very beautiful colors. Collie can be a marble gray-blue color, three-color and red with white.

In the marble version, the chest and head of the dog are painted light gray, and the back and tail with a blue tint. The three-color collie is dominated by a black tint. Beige and white are very few, but they are.

Sable is color, where there are red and white colors. The first is much larger than the second. Collies with such color can be found more often in Russia than, for example, in England or Scotland.

The wool of the Scottish Shepherds is not only beautiful, but also very long, two-layered. Only on the muzzle and the lower parts of the legs is a very short coat.

These dogs do not live as long as we would like. Usually life expectancy is not more than 12 years. However, this is only statistics. As you know, with good care they can live all 15, and even 17 years.


The long-haired collie is a beautiful, kind, sympathetic dog. She easily gives in to training, quickly becomes a friend and a member of the family. For children this breed is irreplaceable. As a rule, a child is not afraid to play with a dog, and parents are calm for their baby, as he is under good supervision.

The Scottish Shepherd is kept not only in own houses, but also in apartments. After all, these dogs are beautiful and as guards, and as nannies for kids.

The long-haired collie is a wonderful dog for the family. These dogs can not be kept in an empty apartment or at the dacha, as they can not endure loneliness. Even if there are cats, birds or other animals in the family, the collie easily gets along with everyone and even looks after the kittens, it's very interesting to watch.

The collie has no idea that she has one master. Each family member perceives it equally. He loves everyone, waits from work, from school and is very happy that at last everything is at home and no one should wait. That's why they like the collie breed. Its characteristic is only positive. No one can say anything bad about this breed.

Predisposition to diseases

In fact, collies are very healthy dogs, they rarely get sick. However, like any living creature, they have a predisposition to certain diseases.

  • Congenital syndrome «eyes of a collie». This is a hereditary disease that affects the eyesight. The dog does not see at night, as the retina of the eyes is destroyed. Over time, if you do not pay attention to the disease, the collie begins to see badly in the afternoon.
  • Entropion. It is a disease in which the edge of the eyelid and all eyelashes are turned towards the eyeball. From this the dog has constant irritation and reddening of the eyes.
  • Dysthiasis. This is an anomaly in which an excess of eyelashes grows. They affect some parts of the century, why not only the appearance of the eye appears, but also gradually the vision is lost.
  • Yeast dermatitis. It is a fungus that multiplies rapidly, making the dog itch.
  • Congenital deafness can pass by heredity. By itself, this disease does not appear. Therefore, it is necessary to study the heredity of the dog.
  • Epilepsy. This is a neurological dysfunction. Such a disease is very rare in dogs, and not only in pedigreed dogs.

To avoid the above diseases, it is necessary to do all the vaccinations and, at the slightest suspicion, contact the veterinarian, who will immediately find the cause and prescribe the correct treatment.

Choosing a collie puppy

These lovely fluffy lumps will not leave indifferent any person. Collie puppies are sold in the markets. However, remember that they can be semi-articulate. So always ask the pedigree from the sellers.

The most correct choice is a certified nursery, where the collie puppies are sold with all the necessary documents. Here you will be shown parents, their pedigree and give advice on care and education. In any market, you will not receive such comprehensive information as in the nursery.

When choosing a puppy, you need to pay attention to his physique and jaw. The trunk should not be too massive, like the jaws. Collie is very gentle and graceful, so she can not have rough limbs. Paws in puppies are straight, without curvature, and the tail is moderately long.

Wool is an important aspect when choosing. Even in puppies it is straight, bright, long and smooth, but not curly or dull. The wool of small dogs is very pleasant, and the color is rich. White in puppies can speak of a mixed type. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to both the pedigree and color.

Puppy from this thoroughbred Scottish shepherd is very kind, affectionate, playful. He does not have aggression. Pay attention to friendliness. After all, this is a very important factor in the dog. The more friendly it is, the faster it will become a member of your family. Very nice collie puppy. The photo above shows what color they have.

What is the name of the collie puppy?

It is described above that it is a service dog. Therefore, it is more acceptable to give short names so that the dog reacts quickly. It is important that the name "R" is present in the name. After all, then the name is more sonorous, which is important for the dog.

The cynologists advise such names for the collie: Arnes, Aster, Kirk, Cedric, Lycra, Nork, Laura, Frant, Laur, Lard, Dark, Roy, Bravo, Curry, Sarri, Fred, Madeira, Gerka, Ron. These names will help you name the puppy so that the whole family likes.

Many call their dogs, based on the color scheme. If the collie is dominated by a black color, then they call it in English - Black. When more red, the dog is called Oreng. This way, many hosts use it to make it easier to choose a nickname for the dog.

Maintenance and care

Collies need a quiet atmosphere. They like to luxuriate on a mattress. Long walks are not for her. For this breed it is enough to get out into the forest once a week. All the rest of the time the collie will be happy to walk near the house. She has two walks (in the morning and evening).

After the collie's hair, regular care is required. It must be combed every evening, so that there are no tangled hairs. Rare combing badly affects the coat. It becomes dull and ugly.

To care for the hair, you need to use a special shampoo that maintains color and shine. If on the paws or on the belly is a very long coat, trim it, cut it so that the silhouette becomes more harmonious.

Nutrition Collie

Puppies up to six months must be fed 6 times a day. Then you can gradually transfer to three meals a day. Closer to 12 months, the dog is fed twice a day. Water needs to be changed every morning to make it clean.

The collie needs to be fed with diet food. This is beef, low-fat chicken, milk, egg, cottage cheese, fish, vegetables. Porridge is the basis of nutrition, it should be added meat, by-products, milk, vegetables, fish, vitamins.

Do not abuse dry food, as this is harmful to health. Try to alternate it with cereals. Frequent feeding with dry food is addictive, and the dog refuses another food.


A Scottish Shepherd dog easily performs any command. They grasp everything very quickly. The main teams that collies should know are "fu", "aport", "near", "to me", "bring", "place". Your pet after training will easily learn to bring slippers or a newspaper, stand on your hind legs, ask on the street and much more.

An evil guard from a collie will not work, because there is absolutely no aggression in it. Therefore, she can not attack the enemy. However, if he sees the danger, without any training, he will sacrifice himself for the sake of the master.

Pros and cons of a long-haired collie

Scottish Shepherds are very good and friendly dogs. However, there are both positive and negative aspects in such breeds. The pluses include the dog's kindness, devotion, lack of aggression. Therefore, with the collie, you can safely leave your children, and you will be sure that the kids are under reliable supervision.

The disadvantages of such a breed are small, but they do exist. Scottish Shepherds have a very long coat, which requires regular care. The apartment is not very comfortable to keep such a dog. It's hard to get rid of wool. Allergies can not start a collie. In addition, these dogs are very hard to part with their host even for several hours.

Look at the collie puppies. The photo shows what a kind and gentle look they have. Is it possible to abandon such a beautiful dog?

Reviews of the long-haired collie

Many people who have lived this breed are satisfied with both her character and her behavior. The collie has a smart appearance and a beautiful character. It is for this that many owners of their pets love.

It is rare to see a real collie breed. Reviews about it, as you can see, are only positive. Dogs rarely get sick, never get angry, but they demand respect and attention. And what else do true animal lovers need? Only such kind, affectionate and lovely pets.


Many confuse such breeds as collies and shelties. However, these are two different dogs. Visually they are very similar, but the collies are twice as tall as the sheltie, they are better suited for training, they have a softer and gentle character. Another significant difference is the color, whose variations in sheltie are much larger than those of the Scottish Shepherd. Therefore, when buying, pay attention to all indicators.

There are no kinder and more affectionate dogs than a collie. Therefore, if your baby wants a pet, try to buy such a dog, and your child will forget about boredom.

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