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How to cleanse a person from acne in the home

The appearance of acne on the face skin is a problem that millions of people face. They appear mainly as a result of active work of the sebaceous glands, followed by clogging of the pores, with improper care. Most often they appear on the forehead, on the nose and on the chin, since it is here that most of the glands.

Let's try to figure out how to cleanse the face of acne, if they did appear. All of the following methods are fairly simple and effective.

Skin cleansing should be started from the inside, since the work of the digestive tract, directly affects the skin condition of the face.

Try to consume more oranges and lemons. The acid in them perfectly cleanses the blood and promotes the renewal of skin cells. Pay attention to ginger. It excellently cleanses the skin and destroys harmful microorganisms that cause acne. In general, increase in your daily diet consumption of vegetables, fruits and fermented milk products. This will help normalize the work of the intestine and cleanse the blood of toxins.

If you have a penchant for acne, if possible, stop using the following foods: sweets, strong coffee, spicy seasonings, fatty and fried foods, brine and chocolate. This will normalize the work of the sebaceous glands and prevent their appearance.

Regular use of enemas will help to cleanse the intestines from putrefaction. Cleansing the intestines in this way, you also clear the skin of the face from acne.

How to cleanse the face of acne folk remedies

There is an excellent recipe that helps even when the form of rashes starts. To do this, we need the serum. Drink in the morning on an empty stomach one glass of this drink and a month later you will see how practically got rid of pimples on the face, new rashes ceased to appear. Serum is not only useful, but also very tasty.

Another effective method is how to clear the face of acne. We take a fresh cucumber and finely chopped - about 1/3 cup. Pour into the glass of boiling water, leave to infuse for ten minutes and filter. Now add a spoonful of honey and mix until it dissolves completely.

We put the mixture on a clean skin. After half an hour rinse with water. The mask is recommended to be applied twice a day. When the skin becomes much clearer, it will be enough once.

And now consider how to cleanse the face of acne in a short time. We grind one streptocid tablet (you can take already finished powder), we add a drop of green and quite a bit of boric petrolatum. We mix everything well. The mixture in consistency should look like an ointment. Cotton wand we put it on the pimples, keep about twenty minutes, remove the leftovers with a cotton disc and wipe the skin with lotion for the face. Lubricate several times a day. In two days everything will pass.

Herbal compresses also perfectly clean the face. We prepare the decoction from the sequence: 1.5 tablespoons of dry herbs pour a glass of boiling water and wait for the broth to become warm. Wipe the napkin in a decoction and put on your face.

Simultaneously with the compress, the broth should be consumed inside. Spoon a turn pour a glass of boiling water and take one fourth cup three times a day. The result will appear in two weeks. And if you pass a one-month course, the rashes will stop appearing at all.

Do not use reusable towels, because when the face is wiped, bacteria remain on it, which re-use again to settle on the skin. It is best to use disposable wipes.

Now you know how to cleanse the skin of acne. The main thing is to carry out all the procedures on a regular basis, only then will the effect be seen. Following all of the above recommendations, you cleanse the face of acne and return the skin to health and beauty again.

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