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The reasons for the appearance of black dots. How to remove black dots on the nose

Black dots, also known as comedones, are small "corks" that clog pores, and then oxidize to black color. Most often, comedones appear in the most greasy areas of the skin (that is, in the T-zone, and most of all - on the nose). At first glance, this problem may not seem so significant, because "disguise" little trouble is much easier than, for example, eels. But from similar accumulations on the face it is necessary to get rid not less carefully, than from spots. Let's look at the reason for their appearance, as well as how to remove the black dots on the nose.

According to experts, the presence of comedones on the nose and face in most cases due to hormonal failures in the body. For example, an excess of testosterone hormone is the main cause of sebum production, which provokes clogging of the pores. The nervous system also needs special attention, because experiences, fears or irritability are accompanied by side effects in the form of acne and comedones.

Before you remove the black dots on the nose, you need to know exactly the cause of the disease. A visit to a doctor (in particular, to an endocrinologist) will help determine what caused their appearance on the face and what measures are required to be taken. After conducting all the necessary tests and examinations, you will be given appropriate treatment.

Another reason, which is associated with the appearance of comedones, is malnutrition. Dirt that accumulates in certain areas of the skin can be triggered by increased consumption of sugar and any sweet dishes, as well as fatty foods. Therefore, before removing the black dots on the nose, lovers of the sweet, in addition to the examination by the doctor, do not interfere with going to the nutritionist and revising their diet, reducing the sugar content and including more fruits and vegetables in the diet.

The presence of comedones can also be an expression of improper skin care. Unsuitable decorative cosmetics or make-up removers contribute to skin contamination and the appearance of comedones. Often there are cases when complications with the skin are caused by taking various medications, and sometimes - staying in a place that does not meet sanitary requirements. But the most frequent reason for the appearance of comedones, as shown by medical practice, is heredity, that is, a predisposition to their appearance at the genetic level. In this case, the most effective method is the visit to the doctor, and not the search for ways to remove the black dots on the nose at home.

By the way, getting rid of comedones is not recommended on its own, as it is possible to introduce bacteria and cause the appearance of new formations that will be very difficult to remove. In addition, inept manipulations with black dots provoke small, but quite noticeable scars.

The most effective "home" way to remove black dots on the nose is peeling. Rasparet your face, attaching to it a hot but not scorching towel and apply a cleansing scrub to the skin. Do not forget to close the pores after the procedure with the help of a constrictive lotion or ice cube. With regular application of peeling you will get rid of comedones, and your skin will be smooth and radiant. Afterwards, you will already know exactly how to remove black dots on the nose if the problem recurs.

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