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Table of the weight of the Chihuahua: a whim or a necessity?

Happy owners of puppies often experience whether their pet is developing properly. If there are no signs of illness, the dog is cheerful and cheerful, it is only necessary to process it from parasites in time, vaccinate and make sure that height and weight correspond to age. Especially hard in this matter is the owners of small dogs, since for a puppy of a German dog the difference in 50 g is not as critical as for a Chihuahua. To help the owners of the representatives of this breed, a weight chart of the Chihuahua was compiled.

What determines the weight of the dog?

The fatness of animals within the same breed may be different. This is influenced by a number of factors:

  1. The weight of the puppy's parents.
  2. His own weight at birth.
  3. Feeding regime and diet.

Norms for an adult dog are prescribed in the breed standard to which it belongs. Check if the weight of the puppy matches the weight of the chihuahua by the month. In the simplest version, a range is prescribed, the hit in which is the norm. There are more detailed options, which take into account the mass of the puppy at birth.

How is weight gaining?

Representatives of small breeds grow most actively and gain weight in the period up to 6 months. Usually by 8-10 months they practically correspond to the standard of an adult dog. Below is a table on which to orient.

Age, month. Weight (g) at birth 70 g Weight (g) at birth 80 g
1 110-200 115-230
2 230-315 255-370
3 340-460 425-570
4 485-600 625-740
5 625-710 795-880
6th 715-765 910-970

It is very important not to overfeed the dog for up to six months. The correct diet is the basis of the pet's health. Overfed dogs may have a tendency to become obese for life. In addition, overweight causes health problems. Table weight chihuahua allows you to assess the correctness of the composition of the diet and the mode of feeding.

If it was not at hand, then you can focus on approximate figures. So, in 3 months the puppy should weigh twice less than the adult dog. However, in order to avoid health problems, it is better to contact the veterinarian or find the resource on which the weight chart is laid out. Chihuahua - small dogs, for which a difference of even 30 g can be significant.

What is the risk of being overweight?

Excessive fatness delivers discomfort to the dog, depriving it of the joy of active games. Dogs with obesity are more difficult to tolerate heat, they have a tendency to heart disease and problems with the musculoskeletal system.

The responsible owner, who wants to grow a healthy dog, should pay much attention to development indicators in the process of growing a puppy. A great help in this will be the table of the weight of the Chihuahua. Dogs live 14-16 years, and the period of puppyhood is the foundation of all future life.

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