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"Octolipen" for weight loss: reviews, instructions, analogies

An inexpensive, effective and safe for health means for losing weight is the dream of almost every woman. Who would refuse the opportunity to be slim and beautiful, without making any effort? I went to visit, at a plentiful feast, and then drank a pill - and do not need to arrange unloading days. Unfortunately, these are only dreams, which, most likely, will remain so. However, if you firmly decided to lose a few pounds, then there is a faithful assistant - "Oktolipen" for weight loss. Reviews say that this, of course, is not a magic pill, but in combination with other means can well serve a good cause.

What you need to consider

If you want to get a short-term, but a stable effect, that is, to become slimmer for many years, then we should seriously think about whether you need to take any medications. They can be expensive or cheap, effective or useless, safe or even harmful to your health, but they have a general principle of action, which you must know about.

If you have excess weight, it means that the consumption of calories exceeds consumption, or a metabolic disorder is observed. In the first case, you need to adjust the balance between incoming and outgoing energy, and in the second - to undergo a course of treatment and adjust the distribution of protein, fats and carbohydrates for the benefit of the body. What do we offer drugs for weight loss? Correct: to continue eating the old way, to lead a sedentary lifestyle, but at the same time swallow the miraculous means. Even if you get the result, it will be short-lived and lead only to an even greater imbalance of metabolism.

Why did we decide today whether to use the "Octolipen" for weight loss? The doctors' comments say that if there is a need to take medications for weight correction, then this should be natural compounds, which the body uses to normalize the energy metabolism. Interested in this statement, we decided to find out whether a lipoic acid-based drug can solve such a complex problem as weight loss. Advertising can be very tempting, but is it really true?

Not for all occasions

In fact, experts in the field of healthy eating sometimes designate "Octolipen" for weight loss. Patients' reviews warn that there will be no instantaneous effect. Observing the doctor's advice on nutrition, you can become slimmer, but this is the result of all the work in the complex. However, the desire to lose weight is sometimes so strong that women begin to engage in self-medication, as well as use those drugs that they were recommended by someone they know. Not all help Oktalipen for weight loss. The doctors say that it is not recommended to take medicines at random. Like any other, it has contraindications and side effects, although in general the drug is safe enough.

What it is

Let's take a closer look at what the Octolipen represents. The instruction emphasizes that taking the drug is safe for a person. Sometimes doctors designate it as a medicine from the category "it will not be worse". So, the active active substance of the drug is alpha-lipoic acid. It is a powerful antioxidant that binds free radicals, due to which the entire body heals. This has a favorable effect on the condition of the hair, nails, skin, and also indirectly affects the body weight.

A lot of rumors are connected with the fact that you can eat sweets in unlimited quantities, and then take "Oktolipen". The instruction does not confirm such statements. Indeed, the use of lipoic acid helps to reduce blood glucose and increase the amount of glycogen in the liver. That is, the properties of this substance has an effect similar to that which is known for the vitamins of group B. Alpha-lipoic acid is involved in the regulation of lipid and carbohydrate metabolism, stimulates the production of cholesterol and improves liver function. However, if your goal is to establish all internal processes, it is extremely important to regulate your nutrition.


In free sale you can find the drug "Octolipen". Capsules are the most preferred form. Each of them contains 300 mg of lipoic acid. It is enclosed in a comfortable gelatinous shell, which does not need to be damaged, it is enough just to drink the capsule with water.

The second option is "Octolipen" tablets. The active substance is the same - lipoic acid in the amount of 600 mg. That is, if you need to increase the dosage it can be the best option. Excipients are calcium, silicon and starch. They are necessary for shaping.

Natural connection for our body

It is such a substance and is lipoic acid. This antioxidant, which blocks free radicals, prevents liver disease and the formation of fatty plaques on the walls of blood vessels. With age in the human body, it is produced in smaller quantities. Therefore, it is recommended to start taking the drug "Octolipen" or any other source of it. There are many analogues in the market.


The reception of "Oktolipen" gives a hepatoprotective effect, that is, in the first place it is recommended to use it for violations of the work of this body. By the way, it is the problems with the liver that often cause the accumulation of excess weight and its slow decrease. On this side, the drug is chosen correctly: want to be slim and beautiful - bring the internal organs in order. In addition, lipoic acid improves the activity of neurons, reduces the manifestation of diabetic and alcoholic polyneuropathy. This disease is characterized by numbness and pain in the hands and feet.

For health and weight loss

It becomes clear that we are talking about a mono drug containing lipoic acid. This substance, which in minimal doses is synthesized in the body. It is a part of enzymes and participates in the respiration of cells. It is the unique ability to oxidize and recover allowing it to perform a number of important functions in the body.

  • First of all, it should be noted that this is a powerful antioxidant, almost a vitamin of youth. It slows the aging of cells, which leads to an improvement in the functioning of the whole organism. It is this action that is noticed first of all by those who take "Oktolipen" for weight loss. Comments of women emphasize that from the first days there is lightness and good health, a desire to act.
  • Lipoic acid helps detoxify the body. Again an important point. It is slags and toxins that lead to poor health, weakness and drowsiness, when a person instead of active activities pamper themselves with an extra bun near the TV.
  • "Oktolipen", whose action is complex, normalizes the index of insulin, reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.
  • All of the above improves the metabolism, enhances the effectiveness of training and physical activity.

Effects on weight loss

Today, many women, deciding to bring the figure in order, try on itself the drug "Octolipen". Analogues, which we consider below, are no worse, and many are also more attractive at a price. However, now we are primarily interested in the mechanism of action, that is, how lipoic acid helps to remove excess kilograms.

Judging by the information provided by the instructions for use, it effectively impacts directly on the strategic stocks of the body. However, the wording is not entirely correct: under the influence of lipoic acid, the fat reserves are split up and a large amount of energy is released. That is, to lose weight, you need to either cut your diet, or increase physical activity.

There is one more point that is important to take into account when taking the "Octolipen". The price at it small, this accessible means, and at times women start to have a snack to them sweets. Let's look at how this solution is born. In fact, the logic here is simple: if the body receives a lot of carbohydrates, then the level of insulin in the blood increases. He begins to store sugar in the form of fat. Here, lipoic acid plays a very important role. It also seizes excess carbohydrates, but does not transfer to fatty tissue, but to muscle tissue, where they are consumed or used for muscle work. This again confirms that the drug can be used to reduce weight, but only in a duet with physical activity and a proper diet.

And what will happen to the muscles

It's also a legitimate question. What effect does the accumulation of glycogen in muscle tissue have on the condition of increased physical exertion? Studies clearly demonstrate that lipoic acid has no direct anabolic effect. However, there is good news. The drug "Octolipen" significantly reduces the amount of lactic acid in the muscle tissue that forms and accumulates during exercise. That is, you get the opportunity to withstand longer and more intensive loads, which, of course, will affect the appearance in the most positive way.

Lipoic acid enhances the absorption of glucose by muscle cells. This leads to the fact that even an easy training will neutralize the consequences of tea drinking. In addition, it should be taken into account that during the exercise, the metabolism in cells rises sharply, there is a large amount of free radicals, which lipoic acid easily neutralizes.

Dosage and route of administration

In pharmacies today is sold not only "Octolipen". Analogues are presented in such assortment that it is better to compare the reviews before making the final choice. This is "Espa-lipon", "Berlition 300" and much more. In addition to these, lipoic acid is sold directly.

To make the final choice, you need to determine the dosage. This will help only the attending physician. Dosage varies greatly: 50-400 mg / day. Sometimes the doctor appoints up to 1000 mg, but this is more likely an exception. The instruction to the preparation contains information that it is not recommended to exceed the dose of 600 mg. You need to start taking less. For example, with half a daily portion. If the state of health is normal, then you can go to the total dosage. Exceed without the recommendation of a doctor it can not, because it can drop blood sugar.

Let's dwell a little more on the issue of using the drug "Octolipen" for weight loss. How do I take capsules or tablets with a minimum of health risk? There is not a big difference between them, so look what will be more convenient for you. Capsules contain 300 mg of active ingredient. Therefore, it is enough to take two a day, without chewing, 30 minutes before the first meal.

Tablets are used in a similar way. Dosage at them is more, on 600 mg, accordingly, 1 piece for a day is required. Exceeding the prescribed amount can lead to headaches and a sharp drop in sugar, diarrhea and nausea, vomiting and an allergic reaction.


Today, the consumer is primarily interested in price. If there is an alternative, then no one wants to pay a larger amount, for the same effect. If you consider the drug "Octolipen" - the price of it is not the highest. Capsules with a content of 300 mg of active substance will cost 310 rubles per package. Tablets 600 mg cost twice as much, 637 rubles. So the choice is yours.

In pharmacies there is alpha-lipoic acid in person. This is the most affordable option of all, it costs only 80 rubles. "Tiolepta" costs 605 rubles for packing, "Tiogamma" - 209 rubles, and "Espa-lipon" - 798 rubles. Drugs do not differ in effectiveness and can replace each other.

Dietitian comments

Despite the fact that this drug is really used by women for weight loss, an experienced doctor should warn you against such experiments, unless it is a violation of carbohydrate and protein metabolism, as well as weight correction in diabetics.

In all other cases of the evidence base, the fact that the drug really cleaves fats, no. We did not find any confirmed experiment, so the effectiveness of the drug can be considered unproven. Lipoic acid is not alien to your body, but can not burn fat and significantly improve metabolism. That is, the whole effect of a number of nutritionists ascribes to self-suggestion, active training and restriction in nutrition. All these measures can be taken and without additional spending, in the form of buying drugs. Therefore, sign up for a sports hall, remove mayonnaise and ketchup from the refrigerator, and grow thin gradually, but without harm to your body. In this case, the weight loss will not return exactly, since they are supported by rational, proper nutrition.

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