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Why does the cat sneeze?

Cats, like humans, tend to sneeze when dust spills into the nose, hairs from the hair, or a pungent smell. As a rule, this state does not last long and goes away as soon as the cause disappears. But if the cat sneezes constantly, then you need to be alert. This symptom in cats can be accompanied by various, including serious and severe diseases.

Independently determine the causes of sneezing is not possible, so when such a condition occurs, it is necessary to examine the animal from a veterinarian. After all, it's not a secret that a timely diagnosis and correct treatment prevent at times the saddest outcome.

There are several reasons why a cat sneezes. Most often this is due to an acute infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract bacterial, viral or fungal nature. It can be like a common cold, and severe infections or herpes. Diseases develop against a background of reduced immunity after previous infections. In inflammatory diseases, sneezing in a cat is accompanied by the release of mucus from the nose and eyes, fever, lethargy, tearing, shortness of breath.

Often the cat sneezes at infections of helminths. In this case, you must immediately give the animal the required dose of an antihelminthic drug - in any case, there will be no harm, since anthelmintic agents are recommended to be given to animals every three months. Doctors advise in case of any suspicion of infection with worms in a domestic cat to undergo treatment for all family members.

The cause of sneezing and coughing can become heart parasites that penetrate into the cat's body during a mosquito bite. Worms that damage the heart and the arterial system of the lungs can lead to a heart attack.

It turns out that cats also have an allergy. In any apartment there are a lot of items that can cause this disease in the quadrupeds: ordinary dust, household chemicals, any aerosols, tobacco smoke and other. If the cat sneezes and coughs, it is possible that he developed asthma as a result of prolonged exposure to allergens.

Sneezing is observed with such a common disease among cats as rhinotracheitis. In addition, there is heavy breathing, coughing, a runny nose. Often the inflammatory process is accompanied by purulent discharge from the nose and eyes, conjunctivitis.

Another reason why the cat sneezes is toxoplasmosis, the causative agents of which are intracellular microorganisms. This disease can get people and. Especially dangerous toxoplasmosis for pregnant women, because infection of the fetus is fraught with serious complications and the development of pathologies.

Not often, but there are cases when sneezing in cats causes problems with teeth and gums. Inflammatory processes of the oral cavity extend to the nasal cavity and cause sneezing.

If the cat sneezes blood, then you need to urgently contact the veterinarian. Such a symptom may indicate a neglected inflammatory disease or a malignant tumor.

The cat begins to sneeze when a foreign body enters the nasal passages. The animal twists its head and tries to help itself with paws. Perhaps the cat will be able to remove the stuck object independently, but in order not to risk, it is better to take the pet to the veterinarian, who will promptly and professionally help.

Sneezing is considered an alarming symptom for a cat, so in any case you need to show the animal to the vet. Some serious infections that affect the nasopharynx can lead to death, and only in time the treatment begun in a specialized clinic can save the life of a small friend. For prevention, veterinarians are advised to get vaccinated against especially dangerous diseases.

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