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The most common colors of Scottish cats

Scottish Fold cats have long won the love of breeders and ordinary cat lovers in our country. First of all, they became famous for their hanging ears, which make their muzzle so funny. Today, choosing the color of a lop-eared kitten is not difficult, because the colors of Scottish cats are very diverse. Numerous nurseries will be able to offer you a kitten that will become a member of your family.

Genes are responsible for coloring animals. In nature, there are two, they affect the red and black colors, they are recessive and dominant. This suggests that the color of the animal's hair can be saturated with a single shade. Using such data, breeders managed to deduce a variety of colors of Scottish cats. They are monophonic or have a certain pattern.

The colors of Scottish cats are not too numerous. Among them, cream and red are the most common. Many breeders are very fond of the red tint. It can be weak or strongly pronounced.

Light-lilac color is not very common in Scottish cats. It should be smooth, with a slight pink tinge. Pads of paws and spout of lavender color.

The tortoiseshell color of the folded cat is distinguished by a combination of various contrasting spots, which are black and red, chocolate, cream, lilac, etc. It is important that all spots are evenly distributed throughout the cat's body.

Spotted colors of Scottish cats are divided into three types:

  1. Van on a white background has a color on the tail and a few contrasting spots on the body. Perhaps 1-2 spots on the head or feet.
  2. Harlequin has many more spots of different sizes. Larger spots are located on the head, sides and back of the cat. In addition, the tail should be painted completely.
  3. Bicolors are characterized by staining about half of the animal's fur with a contrasting color. On the neck must certainly be a closed white collar, and a muzzle - to decorate a white spot.

As already mentioned, a huge variety of colors typical for the breed is the Scottish Fold Scottish cat. Marble color is considered the most bright and elegant. It features a characteristic pattern in the form of a butterfly on the shoulders of the animal, rings, half rings or divorces on its sides, two stripes along the back, which merge at the tail. There are transitional and mixed types of drawing.

Original and quite unusual for Russian cat lovers is the chocolate color of Scottish cats. This is a new and still very rare species, since it can only be found in animals whose ancestors had the color of color-point. All colors and shades of brown are allowed in the standard. This color should be absolutely smooth. The nose and paw pads are necessarily milky. Inadmissible white hairs, pattern, gray undercoat, any shade, except brown.

Black color of Scottish cats is standard, with a glossy gloss. All hairs should be evenly colored, with no red or red flashes.

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