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Mestizos are amazing and beautiful dogs

Metsis are dogs of mixed breed, or half-breeds. Such dogs are smart, friendly, have excellent health. They have a mixture of the qualities of purebred dogs. When there is a mixing of the parents' mestizo genes, then in one animal a combination of four breeds is obtained. What character traits puppies will have, one can only guess.

Some people think that mestizos are the best dogs. This is confirmed. Now there are many unscrupulous breeders who have perpetuated some genetic deficiencies in some well-known breeds of dogs.

To date, mestizos are dogs, often reminiscent of the one that became a human companion many thousands of years ago. As a rule, it is a dog with strong legs, alert muzzle, standing ears and a long tail, slightly twisted at the end.

Note that miniature dogs, for example, such as chihuahua, despite their quite popular popularity, have some limitations in reproduction: if they mate with any other breed, then usually these dogs can not tolerate large puppies.

Pros and cons of such dogs

Mestizos are much cheaper than thoroughbred dogs, sometimes they can be obtained even for free. Such dogs, as well as purebreds, need the right content: in good food, veterinary care, training, timely vaccination and care.

As a rule, mestizos are healthy dogs, since they do not inherit genetic diseases, like many thoroughbred dogs. Of course, it can not be said with certainty that such an animal will have excellent health. Metsis, like other dogs, can get sick.

Another obscurity of half-bloods is the future look and size. If you take such a dog to yourself, then it's impossible to guess how it will be in six months or a year. Even if both parents know you, it's not clear who this puppy will look like in the future. One way to guess the size of the dog is to look at the puppy's paws. If they are large, then the dog will grow large.

The nature of the Métis

To learn the nature of dogs that grow out of such creatures as mestizo puppies is very difficult. Although this factor is very important for the elderly, as well as for families where there are children. If you take your half-breed into your home, it is important to understand what kind of behavior it will have in your home. Be sure to find out how the former owners of your dog treated him. Very often the past plays a more significant role in their behavior than genes. Métis of dwarf dogs, such as the toy terrier, tend to bite children. In addition, such crumbs should not be kept in the family with the kids, since they are too fragile.

A shepherd's metis with a shepherd's dog, such as a collie, may have a difficult character, and it will be difficult to communicate with it.

The mixture of blood of a German dog, a rottweiler and a boxer can resemble a pit bull terrier. Such a dog is certainly adapted to urban conditions, it may even seem nice, but you need to make sure beforehand that he did not inherit aggression.

Now you understand who the mestizos are. These are interesting dogs with an unpredictable character. When choosing such a dog, be very careful.

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