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Punish for cruelty to animals - to save and protect a helpless living being

The figures, voiced by the media, which indicate the amount of daily bitten by stray animals, are simply terrifying. Especially frightening, when from the feral "brothers of our smaller" young children suffer. The injuries they receive are not only physical, but also moral. Although physical suffering is so great that the heart is simply broken, looking at the mutilated children's faces and injured limbs. One thing is clear: it is impossible to postpone the adoption of a decision that could change the current situation.

However, to date, everything that the administration of individual cities is trying to do in this direction is not effective. For example, in the city of Samara in 2008 it was decided to sterilize puppies older than 6 months and females with complaisant character. But stray animals, despite the ruling, continue to actively breed, and the victims also get into the hospital with bites and injuries from a pack of stray dogs.
And as if in defense of people from this, whole groups of fighters began to emerge, the main activity of which is cruel treatment of animals for the purpose of their complete destruction. "I killed a stray dog - I saved a defenseless baby from her!" - there, ads appear on the houses and in buses - calls.

Immediately, as usual, there was another alternative party of people who condemn such cruel treatment of animals. Of course, this provoked the outbreak of war between dogs, people who destroy them, and people fighting for rights and, at times, for the lives of wounded and injured animals.

So who is right in this war? Such questions are often exaggerated both on the pages of media and TV screens, and on the Internet. Proposals to change the situation are very diverse, most of them extremely cruel. But through the rough rectilinearness of speakers aimed at methods of combating stray animals, the negative attitude towards the culprits of this "growing epidemic of dogs" is also emerging.

It seems that it is time to name the main cause of canine lawlessness. How did the first homeless animal appear on the street? What contributed to the fact that the dog decided to pounce on a man? The answer is unequivocal: the reason for everything was the cruel treatment of the animals themselves. Yes - yes, the main reason is precisely human cruelty and cruelty aimed at a dumb and practically deprived living being. And they are expressed, firstly, in depriving him of his habitual way of life, and secondly - in relation to the animals already thrown out on the street.

Most people inherently inherited from birth and brought up a feeling of compassion and pity for any living creature. These representatives of the kind of homo sapiens do not offend our smaller brothers, they feed them, they build temporary shelters out of improvised material, nursing sick and weak cubs. On the rhetorical question, whether it is right, it is simply impossible to answer unequivocally.

But there is a very specific answer to the question of whether it is possible to kill, mutilate, poison and especially press cars with dogs and cats, pigeons and sparrows with impunity. No! No one gave the reasonable person the right to destroy, and even more so, the right to cruelty to animals. To solve the problem of increasing the number of feral dogs and cats that flooded our cities follows a more civilized and humane way.

At the current stage, our legislation has article 245, which provides for the punishment of criminals who have injured or caused death to an animal. The offender allegedly should be punished by imprisonment for six months or correctional labor for up to a year and a fine that equals the sum of one hundred to two hundred minimum wages or his salary for 1-2 months. And although it is impossible to assess the loss of a beloved friend with the amount of salary for one month, it is in so much the appreciation of the MC love and affection of a person to his four-footed pet. Yes, and this law applies only in those rare cases, if the dead or tortured animal was a thoroughbred and had at that time the owner. Because the application to court still has to be written by a person. And who will stand up for the homeless creature of God, will go to the authorities, give evidence, spend their time, nerves and money, because when you apply, you need to pay the state fee?

Following from the foregoing, it goes without saying that the law on the punishment for cruel treatment of animals in the Criminal Code should include a clause providing for the most severe sanctions against the grieving masters who first tame and then ruthlessly throw out the living, selflessly loving of their masters, the creature . And if we still have sometimes today that monsters, openly demonstrating bullying towards living beings, are attracted to some purely symbolic responsibility, the cases of throwing a dog or cat on the street remain far beyond the bounds of public condemnation. Nevertheless, the protection of animals from ill-treatment must begin with this: with the registration of all owners of domestic animals, with strict accountability for their condition, mortality and fertility. And if such a proposal today seems naive and funny, because now it is difficult to count even homeless people, in the future this will necessarily take place.

In the meantime, the representatives of the human race at the head can not solve this problem, the volunteers are putting all their energy and even money to change the current situation. They organize special shelters for homeless animals, pick dogs and cats on the streets of sick and wounded, heal them, perform sterilization operations, feed them, and then hand out to good people in the transitions . And these organizations, even after these actions, do not relieve themselves of the responsibility for the future of the saved and attached pets. For some time, new owners have to answer phone calls from shelter workers concerning their new four-footed ward.

Of course, while volunteer organizations of animal lovers and defenders are a drop in the ocean. But as a drop of tar is able to spoil a barrel filled with honey, and hundreds of such droplets of good, it seems, will gradually exude a lump of human indifference and cruelty.

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