Ceilings in a wooden house: a wealth of choice

The construction of new houses of wood today is becoming very relevant. The use of new modern technologies makes construction for ordinary people a simple and quick option. But there are only walls in the house, of course, not enough - you also need a decent repair, as well as individual decoration of the interior, and, of course, the finish of the ceiling. All this will create a real cosiness in any room.

So, how can ceilings look like in a wooden house?

Their surface can be made of a variety of materials, but the most used are:

  • PVC panel;
  • Tension ceiling;
  • Suspended metal;
  • wood.

Consider these options for the ceiling in a wooden house in more detail.

PVC panel This material is common in the construction industry. By making the ceilings in a wooden house with the help of PVC panels, you can save quite a lot of money. Currently, there are the following types of this material: glossy and matte. Models for the ceiling are always made easier than for walls, in addition, the installation of PVC panels is not difficult.

For this material, you can choose a variety of colors, as well as their texture, namely: wood, fabric, you can marble and, in principle, anything you want. In addition, PVC panels can be used in all rooms where the level of moisture is increased, that is, in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

Stretched ceiling

This coating is in great demand. Always very original look ceilings in a wooden house with a variety of colors, which can provide this material. To install such a coating, you need to purchase an aluminum profile and a special heat gun.

As a basis for a stretch ceiling, only two types of fabric are used: vinyl and simple. Vinyl is used for large rooms with seamless coatings. It has its advantages:

  • texture;
  • beauty;
  • Various paints;
  • Arbitrary drawing.

But there are also disadvantages, such as a reduced susceptibility to physical changes.

Suspended metal ceiling To install this coating in the premises of a wooden house use a decorative insert and an aluminum rail. It is very good to use such materials where there is a lot of moisture: in the bathroom or in the kitchen.

Natural material

Also, when we make a ceiling in a wooden house, you can use various wood materials. A special charm and a good microclimate in the room will provide a ceiling covering, which is trimmed with a rail or a beam, or, ideally, just a wooden panel. Remember that a natural tree has its advantages:

  • Ecological cleanliness;
  • Excellent thermal and sound insulation;
  • High evaporation rate.

In conclusion, I want to say that the ceilings in a wooden house can be finished with any materials, namely: polystyrene, plasterboard and false ceilings. The choice depends on the taste preferences of the owners, as well as on a number of technical characteristics of the premises.

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