Whether there is such concept as standard sizes of windows

Despite the fact that plastic windows over the past 15 years have taken the lead in construction, they still do not have certain standards in terms of size. A wide range of likely models is so rich that it is almost impossible to say which of the modifications was the first. Accordingly, such a concept as the standard size of windows, simply does not exist, despite the fact that most people often use it. It is almost impossible to find ready-made models in a firm or large production.

You do not need to be a highly skilled craftsman to notice that each window opening has its own unique dimensions. Accordingly, the size of the windows is just as varied. You can make a certain classification and combine some options under one logo. For example, the size of a standard window in a Khrushchev, absolutely will not correspond to a window in a small family, and even more so in a communal apartment . Thus, the basis of the standard can be taken, for example, a window of a panel house and its dimensions - 1.20 meters by 1.20 meters. And again, while not always the standard on paper can correspond to the actual dimensions. There is a possibility that the architect, who was engaged in construction, could slightly adjust the structure for better perception. And even if all the same conditionally call it a "standard", in the situation of its relation to any other structure, it ceases to be so. It can be concluded that as such, the concept of "standard sizes of windows" simply does not exist.

You can try to standardize a little on other grounds. For example, by the presence of wings or membranes, opening parts or by the presence of a window door. Despite all attempts, it should be noted again that the standard size of windows, like the standard set of parts for one object, is completely unacceptable for another. We conclude that to go for a purchase without having made measurements of individual parameters is absolutely useless. Sometimes the deviation may reach a centimeter distance, which is a problem for your home.

A very important direction is non-standard sizes, which are carried out exclusively on an individual order, by measuring the openings and accounting for all other elements such as window sills, plums and ebbs. Do not puzzle over how to calculate the size of the window, all the necessary measurements are carried out by the manufacturer. You only want to replace the old models and material resources. Modern technologies and capabilities make it possible to produce designs of the most unusual shapes, colors and sizes. The approach to each order is purely individual and practically has no analogues. Exclusive models and forms are more regular than rare, and standard sizes of windows are exactly the opposite.

Having dealt with the concept of dimensions, it will be useful for each person to familiarize himself with a number of factors directly related to windows. First of all, the cost is calculated for one unit, taking into account the size, accessories, coating, the nature of the glass and other components. Having learned the price of one object it is absolutely impossible to even approximately determine the price of another. It depends not only on the presence of cameras in the glass, but also on the profile manufacturer. Two windows of identical size and appearance can have a huge difference in cost. Do not forget about the guarantee - quality products must be accompanied by documents that confirm the true origin. And last, when buying, choose a well-known manufacturer whose work has been tested for years and many satisfied customers.

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