Cladding of balconies

We pay close attention to the interior of our apartment: we carry out repairs, we select furniture. We do everything to make the place where we spend most of our time cozy, clean, beautiful and functional. And what happens on our balconies and loggias? Is everything just as beautiful and cozy? Most likely, the answer is negative. In many apartments the balcony is a kind of storage room, where things from the category "suddenly come in handy" are stored. I propose to change the situation and bring the balcony in order, throwing out all the trash and giving the walls and ceiling a nice view. We will master the plating of balconies!

Ways to sew a balcony there are several. The easiest is to invite specialists. But it is the most expensive in financial terms. It is also possible to trim the balconies with your own hands. Time will need more, but then manage to save a decent amount. Yes, and realize that this is done with his own hands, much nicer.

First you need to calculate the area of the balcony, which will be directly sheathed. Here, I think, there will be no problems - remember the school course of mathematics. Then you need to buy the necessary material: lining, internal and external corner elements, plinth lower and ceiling, finishing elements, wooden slats, punch, self-tapping screws, nails with a diameter of 20 mm, building level. For beginners, it is recommended to take the material with a small margin, so that in the event of a lack of feverishly run around the shops in search of a suitable material.

Beginning of the balconies from the screws of screws on the walls. It is on them will be fastened lining. It should be remembered that the slats should be perpendicular to the direction of the lining and strictly parallel to each other. From the correct location of the rails depends on the entire appearance of the paneling of the balcony. The distance between them is about half a meter. More is allowed only if there are sheets of polystyrene for insulation, otherwise the panels may become deformed. The panels are attached to the rails with nails. To make this less noticeable, the nails should be clogged from the butt at an angle of 45 ° . Next, close to the next wooden panel - and so the whole area. In the end, the corners, the joints "wall-floor" and "wall-ceiling" are closed by the corresponding elements.

In order for the balconies to last longer to retain their attractive appearance, you should cover it with varnish. This will also help protect wood from various insects.

As an alternative to the wooden paneling, you can use plastic panels. Such an internal paneling of the balcony will be cheaper. The technology is the same as with wood, only the panels are fastened with special clamps or with a construction stapler.

Many are interested in the outer skin of the balcony. Is it possible to conduct it on their own? In general, yes. But it requires more special skills and knowledge, so this work is better to entrust to professionals. They will carry out a complete replacement of the screed, strengthen the parapet and the upper part of the fence, insulate the balcony and conduct its glazing - all with a quality guarantee. So is it worth it to risk your own life by doing it yourself?

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