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Benefits of berries and their caloric content: blueberries

No one has any doubts that every person needs to eat fruits and vegetables every day for a full meal. How much they are useful, written and said a lot. But what about berries? Are they only delicious and they do not have such a need? In fact, this is not so. Most of them are difficult to store and transport. Therefore, berries so rarely fall on our table. But many of them also distinguish low caloric content. Blueberries, perhaps, from berries - the rarest, but this is no less useful.

By its appearance, it is very similar to its other relative - blueberries. However, it differs from it in larger sizes and has rather a bluish color and a softer texture. Blueberries, caloric content of which is small, is found in nature in marshes and in lowlands. Although it is very unpretentious and can grow on any soil. Therefore, it is increasingly grown instead of other berries in the country. However, you must carefully collect the fruits of blueberries. They are very gentle and easy to crumple. This is mainly due to the high price of it in stores, and the fact that it is rarely found on the shelves.

Benefit of blueberries

However, at least occasionally it is worth it to include it in your diet. This berry combines such qualities as high nutritional value and low calorie content. Blueberries on 100 g contains only 35 calories. At the same time, it is still rich in iron, which is fully absorbed by the body. The content of magnesium in it makes it not only pleasant, but also useful for vessels dessert. In addition, this berry beneficially affects the work of the intestine and pancreas.

But the most interesting is that, according to dieticians, blueberry juice is much more useful than many other natural drinks. The fact that the berry is rich in antioxidants and perfectly cleanses the body of toxins and toxins. By the way, the juice can be made from the crushed during harvesting and transporting blueberries. After all, there is nothing better than freshly squeezed juice with a piece of ice in the summer heat. But especially this berry will be interesting to those who would like to lose weight. After all, it is distinguished not only by low caloric content - blueberry is still capable of breaking down fats.

Harvest for the winter

However, like any other berry, fresh it is kept very short. Yes, you can collect it only in the summer. Therefore, that blueberry, which was not eaten immediately, was usually used to make pies, jams and grinded with sugar. Only any heat treatment destroys vitamins and trace elements in foods. Therefore, in order to preserve the full benefit of the berry and its low caloric content, blueberry is increasingly subjected to frost. In this form, it can be used in the winter to prepare desserts, fruit drinks and muffins.

Contraindications to the use of blueberries

Only with the use of this berry should be observed moderation. Although many, understanding how many calories in blueberries and how useful it is, eat it in unlimited quantities. The fact is that if overeating the berry can cause nausea, vomiting and headache. And because of the high content of antioxidants in blueberry, excessive consumption can lead to a violation of muscle functions. And an absolute contraindication to its use in food is biliary dyskinesia.

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