How to Implement a Complex Repair in a Apartment

Did you buy an apartment? Was your apartment repaired long enough? If so, then there are some questions that you want to get certain answers.

What types of construction work should be done? How to find a construction organization for repair and construction works or better to contact the team of builders? How much are the repair and construction works and what is the duration of the repair work? How to achieve the required quality and guarantee of ongoing construction work? What is a complex apartment repair?

In advance of the start of the repair work, it is necessary to design a design of the premises, or at least a preliminary design. If a dwelling is purchased in a new house (new building), in this case, sometimes, it is necessary to carry out a complex apartment repair, since sometimes the purchase of new dwellings is made without the presence of internal repair and construction work, without performing construction work on the layout of the engineering systems of the premises, and Also without performing internal finishing works. When carrying out repair and construction work in a residential apartment, it is possible to perform both complex repair and partial repairs. The specific type of repair is determined on the basis of the requirements and wishes of the customer.

A desirable requirement when performing repair work in a residential building is the absence of persons living in the apartment and the removal of furniture from the premises, to what extent it is real. What kind of repair should be carried out, our experts can give recommendations at an initial acquaintance with your premise. The class of repair depends on many technical and economic factors and is carried out in each specific case on the basis of the wishes of the customer, as well as on the basis of the list of required repair work.

Construction companies that perform complex repairs in offices, premises, apartments are quite a variety. The main factors when choosing a construction organization are the cost of construction services and the quality of work, as well as the duration of repairs in general. The choice of a construction company to perform repair and construction work is based on customer feedback, review and assessment of quality, construction company repair of premises and of course based on estimates for apartment repairs. The choice of a brigade for repair work is sometimes less in relation to the cost of repair work, but a slightly higher degree of risk with regard to quality assurance and the timing of construction work.

The cost and timing of repair of the apartment depends on the repair class, the list of repair works, the area of the apartment, the types of building materials used. It can also be noted that there is a certain technological sequence of performing repair work, which can not be changed until absolutely tight deadlines. Sequence and calendar terms of construction and repair work can be listed in the annex to the contract of work on the execution of construction work in the apartment.

If the customer wants to repair the premises in one month, this can significantly affect the quality of the entire repair. The duration of repair of the premises is required to be carried out in each individual case.

Quality assurance of the construction works carried out by the construction company is carried out on the basis of a contract for warranty repairs, which, as a rule, is quite a long time.

Guarantee terms for the quality of repair work in the case of repair by the team, often carried out on the basis of an agreement between the contractor and the customer.

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