Artificial pond on the plot: secrets of arrangement

Artificial pond is an element of landscape design, specially made by man. It adorns the garden and makes it original, unique. On a site usually dig out either an ornamental pond, or a pool. And in the second case, there will be much more to sweat. Even if the pond is created faster, then you need to take into account that it should have a normal biological balance, without which the water will quickly become cloudy and deteriorate.

Both the pool and the pond can have different geometric shapes and decorative design. In the garden, a pond is most often built, so we will talk about it.

Artificial pond is mainly located in the depths of the garden or near the lawn. Around the pond, you can sow grass or plant plants that do not perish from a large amount of moisture. If the pond will be used for bathing, the descent can be laid out with pebbles. If it is just a decorative pond, then in such a procedure there is no need.

An artificial reservoir can have different sizes. Most often this figure is determined by the size of the garden. However, one must also take into account the fact that it is very difficult to maintain an ecological balance in a small pond . In any case, a small lake requires careful care and regular water replacement.

Any owner who has a dacha and does not plant a plot with potatoes and onions tries to organize a small pond in the garden so that the whole family can have a rest by the water. Therefore, a place for rest near the reservoir should also be organized. Naturally, it is desirable to protect the territory for rest from bright sunlight, wind and rain. But do not forget that the artificial reservoir will quickly clog, if near it will be planted high bushes or trees. At the same time, it is not necessary to place a reservoir in an open area where the sun always shines, as the water begins to bloom.

The basis for an artificial reservoir can be done independently, and you can buy a ready-made form. In the second case, it will be easier to organize a pond, but the choice of form is rather limited. The most common option is the form of polyvinyl chloride. Although you can use fiberglass. If you want the pond to serve up to 50 years, you can use butyl rubber, although it is very expensive.

In order to create an artificial pond in the garden on your own, you can use concrete, from which a bowl of the right size and shape is made. Naturally, such an organization provides for a large number of excavations, as under the bowl you will have to dig a pit. It should be taken into account that the banks of such a pit should be dug at an angle of 45 degrees.

After the pit is ready, you can install a concrete or other bowl. Only it must be installed strictly horizontally. To do this, you can use the level. After installation, water is poured into the bowl so that it can be well tamped. All gaps are filled with sand. Further, the reservoir can be decorated with plants, sculptures and other elements of landscape design.

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