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Women's tattoo on the arm: small tattoos "for themselves" and large-sized sleeves - what is better to choose?

Women's tattoo on the arm can be anything. They make them on the forearm, on the wrist, on the shoulder. As they say, the taste and color. And there are a lot of variants of execution. So it's worth talking about the most popular.

What attracts attention

Female tattoos on the hand - this is a specific "decoration", which is usually visible to everyone. Brushes, wrists, shoulders, forearms - these are the places that are usually open. In any case, in the warm season, for sure. Therefore, women's tattoo on the arm should be chosen especially carefully. The sketch must be qualitative, beautiful, original in execution. Because if you get a "port" (that is, a spoiled, bad tattoo), you will have to suffer with it for a long time. Either always hide with a tonal cream or a long sleeve, or take it out with a laser (which is very expensive), or look for a new master in order that he or she can score a bad image with something normal, decent.


Female tattoos on the arm can affect only the fingers, and sometimes the whole surface of the upper limbs. Many risky and uninhibited girls decide on their sleeves. This is a voluminous, dimensional and complex work. It is not everyone who can decide to do this. Because in order to clog your sleeves, you will need to spend a lot of time on this, as well as strength and money. But, I must say, it looks very interesting and spectacular. Many of them emphasize their individuality with their sleeves. It's not just a tattoo. Filling their sleeves, many people tell the story of their lives in pictures. A story is usually simple. What a man loves. What he appreciates. His hobbies, profession, hobbies, family, and maybe just images that have come to taste. Sketches of sleeves usually do not exist, because this is a very individual tattoo. Every person makes it up himself.

Female tattoos on the hand, photos of which show us really large and complex works, can be anything. The main thing is to carefully study the idea. Therefore, if a small unsuccessful hieroglyph can either be removed by a laser, or it can be rewritten, then it will not turn out with sleeves. Because this is one of the largest in terms of square tattoos in principle. And very difficult to perform. So such work should be entrusted to a good, experienced, highly qualified master.


If we talk about women's tattoo on hand with a translation, then, perhaps, it should be noted the inscription. They are often found. And this is a tattoo, in which every girl puts her own special meaning. Many representatives of the beautiful half of humanity decide to make on their body an inscription about love, feelings and beauty. Others - something different, more profound. In the case of graffiti, select the font and size, and place. Of course, the most convenient and successful "area" can be considered the outer side of the forearm. And it looks profitable, spectacular, and the master is more comfortable stuffing on this place.

Patterns and images

Many girls choose not familiar inscriptions and not sleeves, but hieroglyphics, small pictures of animals or birds, patterns. Typically a woman's choice. Indeed, if you choose a quality sketch and a good master, you will be able to decorate yourself. Many small drawings, which at first glance seem simple, are, in fact, a piece of jewelry. There are sketches, in the performance of which it is necessary to take into account the smallest details and output certain lines almost under the ruler. Curls, openwork patterns - all this is very popular among girls. And, by the way, it looks beautiful on the brush.

In general, there are lots of options. But whatever the girl chooses: to hammer a sleeve, to draw a modest swallow on her wrist, or to decorate a forearm with an inscription - in any case everything should be qualitative. Because tattoos have always attracted attention, and it's imperative that they impress, not disappoint.

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