A simple, reliable and convenient hand-held vacuum cleaner

Since the person moved from the cave to a stationary dwelling, he constantly faces the problem of dust removal. In an effort to facilitate life, all this time, inquisitive minds sought to create adaptations to resolve this issue. The first such unit appeared in the XIX century. It was a cumbersome machine that did not collect dust, but only inflated it. Two people were needed to service the device, the first of which inflated the fur, and the second carried the sleeve. The idea is not to inflate, but to suck in the dust suggested by the English engineer Hubert Booth (Hubert Booth). So, in 1901, the first vacuum cleaner appeared, which had huge dimensions and worked on gasoline.

Many more years passed, during which designers and designers had to work hard before a modern manual vacuum cleaner appeared. One of the most basic characteristics that determine the operation of any such device is, of course, the power that is divided into the consumed (ie how much it consumes electricity itself) and the suction power (how efficiently the harvesting process is performed).

If we talk about the power consumption, here the manual vacuum cleaner certainly does not have worthy competitors, but its suction power is much inferior to its more cumbersome but powerful counterparts. So, for a quality cleaning of the premises, of course, it will not work. Nevertheless, we are constantly confronted with situations in which only a manual vacuum cleaner can help us out. Convenient, compact, battery-powered (and thus devoid of a long, constantly tangled cord), it will excellently cope with cleaning in hard-to-reach places, where it is not easy to get a vacuum cleaner, or in cases where the cleaning area is small, but you need to quickly remove small debris (For example, if loose products are accidentally poured). It is very convenient to use a mini vacuum cleaner to clean the curtains, since dust accumulates quickly on them, and frequent washing is a rather tedious task. When cleaning the car without it at all can not do.

Buying a manual vacuum cleaner for cleaning the car, the most important thing is to choose the right model from all the variety presented on the market. First of all, naturally, it is worth paying attention to its power and the availability of a battery, since it depends not only on power consumption, but also on cleaning efficiency. The devices of the companies Karcher, Black & Decker, Coido, Bosch proved to be the best ones.

A low-power vacuum cleaner will not be able to fully clean the interior of dust, and with a large capacity it will consume more energy. Car vacuum cleaners are usually equipped with a rechargeable battery pack or can be powered by a cigarette lighter.

Another important point is the bundling. When choosing a manual vacuum cleaner to clean the car, you need to make sure that it is equipped with a microfilter, and that there are additional replaceable filters. In addition, it is necessary to check the number of nozzles capable of removing dust from any, even the most inaccessible places. Well and one more basic factor is, certainly, the price. It can range from 800 to 4000 rubles, although there are more expensive models (depending on the manufacturer, design, capacity, etc.). Such a characteristic as the noise level can be neglected, since almost all manual vacuum cleaners work virtually silently.

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