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How to change IP: easy to use

Often there are situations where you want to hide your IP address or learn how to change IP, and each has its own reason. Sometimes it is necessary to protect the details of your bank account, confidential data, some personal information, go to the site or forum where you were banned. Indeed, now there are many online services that provide their services for free, they are called online anonymizers. The problem is that you can not be 100% sure about their security and reliability, looking for an exit, how to change IP.

Unscrupulous service developers can easily steal your username / password. Therefore, it is recommended to use the program, which has proved itself very well around the world due to the fact that it performs its tasks qualitatively and reliably.

So, this program is called Surf Anonymous Free. It has a bunch of different awards, because the IP address changes with a single click of the mouse, with the same click everything returns to its original position. Protection occurs by changing the settings to anonymous proxy servers, which in turn function as intermediaries between the local home network and the worldwide Internet through their IP address, while changing your information. Due to all the manipulations, your location will be impossible to determine. The proxy servers are "scattered" around the world, they can be found in China, Brazil, Japan, Germany, Canada, Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States and many other countries.

The program for changing the IP address works with all utilities on the computer using the Internet connection (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, ICQ and others), while it is compatible with any type of firewalls and routers, wireless and home networks.

Main features of the program:

  • Prevent network traffic monitoring and tracking.
  • Safe surfing of unreliable sites.
  • Your IP address is masked and you become anonymous.
  • The ban from the sites where you are banned is removed.
  • You can easily send anonymous emails.
  • Much more telling how to change an IP.

This program exists in two versions: free and paid. The main features are available to both versions, the main limitation is that only the IP address of the United States of America is available.

The developer of the software product offers to buy an annual license for $ 24.95, lifelong for $ 49.95 or use a free version. Naturally, in addition to the huge choice of IP addresses of almost all world countries, the paid version offers such possibilities (how to change IP):

  • Constantly changing the IP address every time in a certain period of time.
  • Protection of any type of connections, even wireless (Wi-Fi).
  • Wherever you are, you have free, 24-hour, lifetime email support.
  • During the validity period of the license, free updates are available to you.
  • Your privacy is guaranteed.

In the end, I want to say that if you need a one-time program to quickly change the IP address, and you are not going to spend a fair amount of money on a paid version, Surf Anonymous Free will perfectly cope with its duties, giving you complete anonymity and unrecognizability in Network.

PS: To find out whose IP address is available with the help of WHOIS-services, on which it can be entered and receive full information about the owner.

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